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Thread: school abuse

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    school abuse

    A cover up. Abuse of children, calculated abuse of me, Mistreatment of me
    In early 2000 I was doing morning playground duty at Princess of Wales Health Camp. There was a new Principal Barry Roberts(replacing Yvonne Evans) who had been there 2 weeks.
    He asked one 8 year old small Maori boy to pick up litter.
    The little boy told him"fuck off." loudly. Mr Roberts smiled and then without a moments hesitation he grabbed the boys left arm, pulled him towards himself and using both hands, grasped the boys right forearm and exerted counter rotating force with both hands twisting the boys skin in opposite directions and made the boy scream loudly from the pain. Then again without pause he, still holding the boys same arm tightly, jumped up into the air and when he came down he landed with both his feet on the boys left foot. Again the boy screamed in pain. He let the boy go. The boy ran away. Barry Roberts looked at me and smiled.
    I was shocked. I was standing there with my mouth open. 'Fixed him', he said. I said, 'You can't do that.' He glowered at me and walked away from me.
    I immediately went in the next break, the same day and told Mrs Julie Keaney everything. She listened, then as I told her what had happened and the boys name, she slowly got an expression on her face of a sneer and then without saying anything she raised both her arms and waved them at me to go away and said nothing. Her whole attitude and body language was of refusal to believe me. I went back to my class.
    A day later I told Russell Hallam about it. 2 days later Barry Roberts was gone. The next day I was hounded and abused by Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Lyford in the playground, "Are you happy now Grant?' I had to run to the staffroom to escape.
    2 weeks later I raised my voice to a 15 year old boy who had been taunting me for a week. Mrs Lyford and Mrs Sullivan reported me to Mrs Keaney. I was taken from my class and grilled for an hour by Mrs Keaney and Mr Jim McTamney. They kept trying to get me to agree that I was not able to cope with the children. I survived that false allegation by telling them the truth that I was ok and just raising my voice did not mean anything wrong.
    Mrs Lyford became Acting Principal later. I had seen her tell a 10 year old boy to get out of the swimming pool. He got out extremely slowly. When he was out and standing by the side of the pool, she wet a large towel in the pool, twisted it so it was long and pointy, snuck up behind him and lashed it across his back. It left a red mark on his back. I told the Principal Yvonne Evans.
    Mrs Sullivan was a teacher, maybe a volunteer.
    Mrs Keaney was the governor as the BOT had been sacked/resigned.
    Mr McTamney was head of the Rotorua Principals Association.
    Mr Hallam was Head of the NZEI.
    I was a class teacher of year 1 to 3 children. There is more instances of my reporting child abuse and being punished.

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    Hi granty,

    Probably your best course of action is documentation of truth and maybe local publicity.

    What I'd suggest is that you affirm an affadavit describing the events, and obtain affadavits from people who know you who can testify to your honesty.
    Next step is to send copies to the health camp along with a letter outlining what you think they should do to fix the problem (eg written policy on discipline & a procedure for addressing breaches of that policy).

    If they don't work towards a remedy then local media are your next step.

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    done all that,

    It was the only NZ health camp school closed because our principal was sacked for raising too many issues about the care of children. Then they reopened it and no one on staff got compensation. And it was all hush hush
    we were never told what was happening and were watched closely so that fault could be found. As i said in my previous note, bullying, cover up etc, nothing was taboo, they disregarded the children entirely.
    No wonder NZ has such high child abuse etc, when principals and Govt appointed Min of Ed people are striving to keep their jobs and advance their careers. I have seen other teachers etc set upon children. NZ is a violent place

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    Granty, I know of a girls college that had serious issues with staff bullying other staff. I don't know how widespread the problem is.
    What sort of response did you get when you took the problem to the media?

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    the media said they will wait for the police.
    i have done my police statement now.
    This was going on all the time, teachers beating on children and they terminated me to preserve the rep of their school

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    Do you have reason to believe that children are still being abused there?

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    What do you think should happen to resolve this?

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    people will know and they will be held accountable for their actions

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    If the local media won't act then alternative media is probably your best bet. Vinny Eastwood, Uncensored, and Aotearoa Indymedia are a few possibilities.


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