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Thread: Still NO, Justice for Shane Legg

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    Still NO, Justice for Shane Legg

    A year on Shane is still paralysed and still waiting for a complaint outcame from the IPCA...

    On the 19th of April 2012 Shane Legg, of Ruawai, Northland was hospitalised for 40 days and suffered paralysing injuries while in the care of Police. He spent most of this time in intensive care and had 3 operations to implant steel plates to stabilise a broken vertebra. He was only 28 at the time and was suddenly facing LIFE in a wheel chair.

    Mr Legg says that Police pushed him while his hands were cuffed behind his back and he was trying to climb a 7 wire fence at Police request.

    Shane Legg’s father, Ray, claims his son was told by a police officer to climb the fence, then was pushed when he was halfway over it.

    Mr Legg’s lawyer says it doesn’t not matter if her client was pushed or fell, the Police failed in their duty to protect him.

    To date, being April 2013 – the family have no comfort, the IPCA enquiry is still not at an end, shane is still paralysed, in and out of hospital and Shanes family now care for him full time.

    At the time of the incident Ray Legg, said “It will be at least six months so its going to be a long haul”. Its now been a year……. and there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet..

    How does this happen, a fit healthy young man is paralysed while in Police custody.

    We are told by family members that a Police officer actually wrote Mr Legg a ticket while he lay paralysed on the ground and placed it in Mr Legg’s back pocket. We are also informed that there was a substantial amount of time that passed between Mr Leggs fall and the Police calling for an ambulance. On top of this we are informed that Mr Legg was dragged by Police because he wouldn’t get up after the fall.

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    And so we wait for the Independent Police Coverup Ass. to clear the lads yet again of any wrongdoing.

    Police commissioner, Peter Brendon Marshall, epitomises the term "Bully". With his cancerous influence filtering down through the bluebottle ranks, what hope does Shane have for justice, having been the victim here of police bullying ?
    When confronted, a "Bully" is exposed as a Coward. Time and again New Zealanders watch as these Cowards hide behind the "IPCA" for protection against the crimes they have committed.
    This case will be no exception.

    In life, you earn your titles, and in this case, the police have endorsed their Universal Title - THE FILTH.

    Good luck Shane and family. You have our sympathies.


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    And as the Independent police Coverup Authority continues to suppress, hide, and lie about how they paralysed Shane Legg, all we hear on the radio today is how someone allegedly gave sergeant Simon Tate a bit of a tickle up. (I wonder if he had his hands handcuffed behind his back ???)

    Watch TV tonight to see the propaganda machine pulling at NZer's heart strings in search of sympathy ..... the precise opposite to the propaganda sent out after their brutal bashing and maiming of Shane ....

    And what about the innocent member of the public who is still critical after having been crashed into by a car being chased by the police at obscene speeds in Karaka last week ?? - oh that's right - his well being doesn't matter either - don't report that one eh !!



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