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Thread: Arthur Allen Thomas re interviewed!

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    Arthur Allen Thomas re interviewed!

    Did anyone see this coming - Arthur re interviewed by Police!

    You must be kidding me.... The Police set this man up, he was convicted twice because of Police lies and deception
    and then he cleared and paid out and now Police are harassing him again......

    Press release from, author, Chris Birt and founder of (a site well worth looking at)

    Crewe murders historian and author of two books on New Zealand’s most
    infamous cold case, Chris Birt, says the crucial point in the latest
    Police investigation is that a Royal Commission of Inquiry formally found
    that two detectives had fabricated evidence in order to justify the arrest
    and prosecution of Arthur Thomas and these findings were upheld by the
    highest court in the land in 1983, namely the Court of Appeal.

    Birt says these findings are contained in a report to Parliament which was
    unanimously accepted by all political parties at that time (1980) and
    these findings stand in law to this day.

    “Nothing Andy Lovelock, Gary Lendrum, Police Commissioner Peter Marshall
    or the procession of Assistant Commissioners being wheeled out as
    spokespeople for the New Zealand Police say now changes anything. The
    wholesale Police malpractice in the Crewe homicides investigation is out
    there for all to see and nothing will ever change that. As disturbing as
    the latest actions of senior Police are, the fact remains that two Crewe
    inquiry detectives committed a host of criminal acts, a Royal Commission
    named and shamed them as having done so and the Court of Appeal upheld
    those findings in their totality. In the final analysis, that is the crux
    of this matter.”

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    Officers in cold-case review demand an alibi and rifle details from the man pardoned in 43-year-old double killing case
    Looks like the knuckledraggers in the Herald can't tell the difference between a demand and a request.

    Thomas had the right to remain silent and his best course of action would have been to exercise that right.

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    I think he should just say fuck off.

    What are they going to do, re charge him? What for?

    Not cooperating, murder?

    Offensive language?


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