So now its out there - it was not true that the comments made by BUSH at the funeral of former Detective Inspector Bruce Hutton, came from the Officers file, they came from BUSH. Who made it clear he was there on behalf of the Police.

The commissioner, Peter Marshall is now changing his words - A spokesman for the commissioner said previous comments had not referred to the entire speech. "He did not suggest the entire speech were verbatim comments from the file.

Kerre Mclvor says - his choice of words was inflammatory and provocative. she also said
Bush is an intelligent man and a man who understands power politics. You don't get to be a deputy commissioner without knowing what to say, to whom you should say it and when the time is right to say it.
and I agree................

Now Trevor Mallard comes out and says what a whole lot of us are thinking.....

In a heated select committee this morning, Mr Mallard appeared to suggest Mr Bush should be sacked for his controversial eulogy.

Whether BUSH should be sacked or not is not the issue, the issue should be, What is a senior Officer like BUSH doing making comments like that about an Officer who was found to have planted evidence! Not just that, Police Officers under BUSH are currently reviewing the case, what will they have taken from this? have they been further influenced?

The real killer will never be found because of Police corruption, cover ups and Police ego's.