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Thread: Can a judge in a new Zealand court judge himself

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    Can a judge in a new Zealand court judge himself

    It appears in New Zealand any thing goes

    Judge Panckhurst J did just that on the 8th December 2005 in the High Court of New Zealand when the appellant representing himself against the all powerful and we will do it our way Ministry of Social Development (WINZ).

    [1] Mr Flynn seeks leave to appeal against MY JUDGEMENT of 29 May 2009. In terms of s 144(2) of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957 an intending appellant must demonstrate the existence of a question of law which by reason of its public or general importance or for any other reason ought to be submitted to the Court of Appeal for decision.

    The result was obvious, the judge should never have heard this application nor should any NZ judge hear a case if he or she has a personal bias or prejudice about an appellant or an appellants lawyer, or an economic interest that might be affected by the outcome of the case. Therefore, a judge could not preside over a drunk driving case involving a family member, or a robbery trial in which the judge's spouse is a major witness, or a lawsuit that involves a company in which the judge owns a significant amount of stock, or a case that he has already determined.

    our Justice system has gone rotten, I read this application with the utmost disbelief, but it as cemented my views of the sort of crap we who stand before our judicial officers have to put up with.

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    The Judge concerned should have recused himself in the interests of justice, that is what is supposed to have happened, the judge could have assisted with this matter by appointing a Armicus Curiae for the appellant, it is a well founded principle that no man should judge himself.

    New Zealand needs to get its head out of the sand and adopt centuries old accepted procedures, as the Romans accepted Justice is natural, but in the case of Mr Flynn he was judicially screwed unfortunately by a NZ high court judge


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