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Thread: Are all New Zealand's lawyers this racist?

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    Are all New Zealand's lawyers this racist?

    There is a UK legal discussion website called Roll On Friday ( which has a discussion board (

    On that board there is a poster from New Zealand called BenP who constantly posts threads denigrating people of colour and muslims, advocating repatriation and generally posting in a racially inflammatory manner (one example here, his profile is here from which you can see numerous examples of his "work" His only other interest appears to be cricket.

    He was challenged by some UK posters who thought his username BenP was a reference to the racist British National Party (BNP) but told said that in fact he is from New Zealand and his first name is Ben and his surname begins with P.

    I can't help wondering, is BenP representative of all New Zealand lawyers or is he an abberration? Also, do you think he is representing you well in other jurisdictions (lawyers from the US, Scotland, Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, mainland Europe and elsewhere use Roll On Friday so his efforts will be widely read).

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    A little more from BenP

    If you scroll to the end of this thread,, you'll get a little more of BenP's obsessive racialism.

    Tasty huh?

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    And on reflection

    I regret the title that I started this thread with. Of course you are not all like this. Probably hardly any of you are like this. It just astonishes me that a person can be bothered to go half way around the world to spread his hatred.

    If you know Ben P, ask him why he doesn't share his views so publicly with his colleagues at home.


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