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Thread: Sgt Bede Haughey attempts to Pervert the Course of Justice but is never chanrged!

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    Sgt Bede Haughey attempts to Pervert the course of Justice but is never charged

    Warkworth woman, Shannon Parker had filed complaints of harassment with the New Zealand Police on several occasions since 2009. In July 2011 Parker filed a formal complaint of Harassment and of perverting the course of Justice against Warkworth Police Sgt Bede Haughey. The New Zealand Police rejected the complaint and then charged Parker with the same offence she tried to have Sgt Bede Haughey charged with.

    When asked about her complaint, the Police didn't know what happened to it and delayed answering it for a year. Eventually in 2012 Police claimed the matter was at an end because it had been investigated, although they failed to interview a single witness. Clearly there was no investigation, with the Police actions more like a cover up of a messy break down of Ms Parker's relationship with Warkworth policeman Sgt Haughey

    The statements from those who have witnessed Sgt Haughey's behavior is indicative that a culture of bullying & coercion is alive and well within the New Zealand Police, unfortunately this seems to be to common experience for which there is little opportunity for redress now that work on implementing the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct has now been quietly shelved due to a lack of resources

    Parkers complaint:
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