Whangarei Police Constable lies to Victim of Harassment....... to avoid doing any work!
A terrified Whangarei women turned to the local Police after a mental health patient became obsessed with her. She was bombarded with a series of nasty text messages which she presented to Police. No action was taken; we donít believe Police even documented the matter. Next the man attempted suicide, according to a witness at the scene the male kept talking about this women and was clearly unstable. Police at the scene didnít contact the women or warn her about the manís ravings or suicide attempt over her. Next was a letter to the women. Then in late 2012 the womenís place of work was spray painted with obscenities, mainly about her children. The obscenities were very similar to text messages she had received from this mental Health patient.
The matter was reported to the Whangarei Police.
Photos of the scene and the obscenities were taken by a civilian because Police didnít bother to visit the scene and the area needed to be cleaned.
The Officer dealing with the complaint assured the women he would speak to the alleged offender and that he would have a hand writing examination ordered. Police had photos of the scene and a letter written by the man. The Officer said this would take 2 weeks.
Two weeks later the Officer called the women and said that there was no match and noting further he could do.
It transpired that the Officer had never sent anything to be analysed and he hadnít even asked the man about the incident.
It appears as though the Whanagrei Police are not too concerned about Mental Health patients harassing people.
Considering the proven history of harassment you would think Police would have at least spoken to man finally........ and what is an Officer doing lying to a victim about the action he has taken or hasnít taken as the case may be ..........
Mental Health patients have ended up killing the objects of their affections....