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Thread: Police mis conduct left to continue ....... in Warkworth

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    Police mis conduct left to continue ....... in Warkworth

    There have been many allegations made against the Warkworth Police in recent years
    but noticeably one Officer still remains active who continues to conduct himself in a vicious and un professional manor.

    We were notified of this today and a post was placed on our facebook page, which read:

    It has been bought to our attention that Warkworth Constable Stephen Murphy has been at it again but still has his job.
    Allegedly Constable Murphy took the drivers licence of a Warkworth male, telling him he had now lost his licence.
    The male believed he had just been legally suspended from driving. On later date the male checked this out, only to find out he had not lost his licence at all. Constable Stephen Murphy was instructed to return the mans licence to him.
    Questionable Police behaviour like this is rife in Warkworth.

    On an earlier date there was this:

    It has also been bought to our attention that another young Warkworth male claims Constable Stephen Murphy told him to kill himself, after the young man asked the constable to leave him alone because he was fragile. This was allegedly witnessed by Constable Hamish Buick of the Warkworth Police.

    There was also this article published, last year:

    It would seem that it is acceptable for a constable to tell distressed citizens to kill themselves - pretend they are legally taking someone drivers licence when they are not and abuse and try to fight local youth............

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    Much more than this goes on with the Warkworth Police...


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