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Thread: Judge Venning ruled against my case!!!!! nz justice JOKE

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    Judge Venning ruled against my case!!!!! nz justice JOKE

    Hi everyone, I am new to this sight and on Friday I took a case to the High Court against the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social development and Judge Venning presided over it.
    My case could cost this government millions of dollars in back payments to beneficiaries but because Judge Venning ruled against me the problem will never get fixed.
    Now the problem is that 7 years ago the labour government put through new regulations regarding Working For Families and Temporary Additional Support (TAS)under urgency therefore stopping submissions being made.
    The new regulation for Temporary additional support states that all people whether on a benefit or wage must pay the first $20.50 of their accommodation costs before applying for TAS. Now that in itself is not an issue until you apply for TAS and the computer programme that has been set up to calculate whether or not you are entitled deducts the said amount from your benefit therefore leaving you to find the money elsewhere. Now i need to know where would I find this money when at the time I was incapacitated due to a shoulder injury so unable to work. Now this has been happening for 7 years and the Ministry is very aware of it but will not do anything about it due to the cost I assume.
    Judge Venning I am sure decided and wrote up his decision before he even heard my case as there are so many factual errors and it only took him 2 and a half hours to write assuming he did not take a lunch break.
    My case ended at 11.30 am and the decision was ready to be emailed to me by 2pm. Now this is all crazy because i do not have a lawyer as legal aid said it is not a high court case and so therefore I had to represent myself. Very scary. If you want to see the case it should be online soon.T v The Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development.CIV-2012-485-1531
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    NZ justice a joke .....

    Welcome Treacyt. Another victim of NZ State corruption ....

    If you have not already done so, check out www.kiwisfirst

    Look at "New Zealand judge files" and click on Venning. There are other articles on the "G-man" elsewhere on the site which I'm sure you will find interesting !


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    Hi Thanks and yes I have read alot about Venning. I wish I had been a lawyer because then I would have known the course of action i could have taken to not have him as my JUDGE (not a judges Ahole). Now I need to know how to put in for an Appeal to this decision and what the cost may be.
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    We must all realize that using a government department (ministry of justice) to get justice where another government department is concerned is futile in NZ. Why do we think Keith and Margaret Berryman had so much trouble? Because a government dept (the army) was at fault which is why the engineers report was suppressed by the court.

    Fathers give up in the family court because much of what they do has predetermined outcomes, all that is necessary is for the appropriate evidence to be put before the court- enter counsel for the child, or the family court appointed and paid for family court appointed psychologist. These folks know what the desired outcome is so they just create the evidence so that the judge can decide and we all feel that justice has been done. It's simple really and this is why our family court is a laughing stock. There are many well meaning people who work there, granted but fathers in particular leave, or give up. The court knows this hence yet another proposed reshuffle of the titanic deck chairs and a go faster stripe but they have to change what is under the bonnet. Read "court of injustice" by Lauren Quantaince you will find it here or on google.
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    The MSD are a very suspect Ministry and do not appear follow the law or Codes of conduct, my experience is that the New Zealand Judiciary (District Courts) always write lengthy decisions and always come up with the same "not upheld" answer, the only redress for those unfortunate enough to be before a District Court is the Court of Appeal, justice is not served with the prevailing attitudes of our criminal justice system that if someone is unfortunate enough to appear before a District Court Judge that you simply must be guilty, and it makes no sense to a District Court Judge that a person who is not a lawyer can challenge a $500,000 a year Chief executive, who has all the power of the State to simply crush a sensible and we researched application.

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    Resort to the brass verdict??????????

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    Hi thank you everyone for your comments. I have decided that if I was to Appeal the decision of the LEARNED JUDGE then his decision will disappear and truly i want it to stay around forever so he can dwell on the fact that he truly messed it up and could have made the decision that would help hundreds of thousands of nzers.
    I have decided that if this will not be fixed through the media then i will protest and tell the people by sitting outside winz and making everyone aware of the fact that winz has been stealing off them for 7 years.
    The one thing that i was not aware of was when Judge Venning put an order prohibiting publication of my name that basically no one can check on the details of my case because they do not know who i am. I did not ask for name suppression and i certainly did not need it. I have done nothing wrong.
    Best thing to do is if you have an issue with any government department do not review their decision. try your darnedest to sort the issue out because all they will do is keep you going through the court system which is like putting muzzle on you and shackles. Thank god i have woken up to that one.


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