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Thread: Jury delivering a verdict

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    Jury delivering a verdict

    When a Jury delivers a verdict, must that verdict be given in a court open to the public?

    For example a jury has heard the Judges final summing up, the jury is then directed to find a verdict, but the court building itself is locked and a notice is displayed on the entrance door stating the court will be opened at for example 8:30am weekdays.

    The jury reaches a verdict at say 9pm in the evening, the judge is called and the verdict read out, given the building is secure, and given the presumption that is made in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 that a person charged has the right to a public hearing, and I would assume have the right to a verdict being given in the same manner (in Public).

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter?

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    Yoda thank you very much for your response, This is happening today in New Zealand it seems is our justice system is becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the global community, examples can be found were this is a stated procedure in other parts of our enlightened world community with a simple internet search, I am having difficulty accepting the logic of our Judiciary when it makes dismissive decisions that impinge on the rights of defendants to fair procedures.

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    I am concerned about anyone foolish enough not to exercise the right to a jury trial, the type of decisions being made by our judiciary in a summary proceeding are very suspect, those in authority are quick to file proceedings under the Summary Proceedings Act because the standard of proof is maybe, maybe not, we in New Zealand have lawyers who are equally incompetent and I will name one who was deemed to have given erroneous advice to his client by the Court of Appeal when that decision can be made public, we have a less than useless Law Society and a legal Review Officer regime that can make a decision and are unaccountable to anybody, the Legal Review Officers are lay people.

    It appears from the research I have done that jury decisions not given in open court are unlawful

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    Yoda I thank you for your reply, The trial by jury ever has been and I trust ever will be looked upon as the glory of English law, the Magna Carta stands for all as the primary deliverer of justice, by the verdict of the twelve unanimously given, as stated by Blackstone, It was finally settled, in 1376, that the verdict must be unanimous, it is without doubt our inheritance and birthright that we should not be ever at the will of a single Judge sitting alone in a Court room, we need open and transparent justice, Yoda we share the same dream, that is enshrined in the United States constitution and it is our only protection against the arbitrary power of the state.

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    Yoda I agree, the system of justice is deemed open to the public and must be transparent.

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    I also agree. This corruption of our courts is a disgrace. Coverups by way of suppressions are the norm. The overiding factor from their actions in denying us our Human Rights, as per this country's Bill of Rights, is what kind of society they are creating for our future generations. If they disregard the Law, then can they really expect anyone else to comply ?



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