Yes it is Official warrants issued by the Ministry of Social Development can be delivered by email/facsimile without authorised signature in contravention of s.86J of said enactment, the Code of Conduct issued under s.11B of said enactment is silent on signatures and the Privacy Commission and District Court determination establishes that warrants can be delivered by email unsigned.....The requirements to notify under s.11C(1)(a)(i) are not being met and the MSD are bold enough to boast they are above the law and do as they please..

Interesting situation, a worry and a deep concern that the law is simply being swept under the carpet, the real concern is the attack on our most basic rights enshrined in the Magna Carta Act(NZ Imperial Statute) are being set aside, that is the right to have a trial by our peers, the summary proceedings are extremely dangerous for anyone facing serious charges as the Judge has a 50/50 option.

I am aware of a case before the District Court that is 5 years stale, The leading case discussed by the House of Lords (UK) is Martin v District Court at Tauranga in which a stay of proceedings was issued after a 17 month delay, I have a great deal of concern about the administration of Justice in our District Courts and I am very concerned at the standards of our Judges sitting in those Courts, these decisions bring the very integrity of our justice system into disrepute, we become each of us victims of injustice if we are picked on by those in authority.

I do not excuse incompetent lawyers also who act hand in hand with the Crown to prosecute defendants and whom are simply paper shufflers ensuring the $200 an hour client is sentenced, worst of all is the incompetence of Judges here and now issuing sentencing indications that do not comply with the basic principles of Goodyear v R (UK), simply put our Judges are seriously off the mark and compliance with international principles are being ignored.