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Thread: CK Stead: Why judge was wrong on Bain

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    CK Stead: Why judge was wrong on Bain

    Associate Professor Ken Palmer's letter to the Herald was so emphatic in his support of Canadian judge the Hon Ian Binnie's report on the Bain claim for compensation, and so (it seemed to me) immoderate in its rejection of QC Dr...


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    Unlike CK Stead, Ken Palmer
    Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD), University of Virginia, 1976
    Master of Laws, Harvard University, 1968
    Master of Laws (Honours,) University of Auckland, 1966
    Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand
    is qualified to speak on the subject

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    I thought Judge Binnie was suspect the minute I read that he had asked for copies of Joe Karam's books. The report was supposed to be made solely on evidence not the opinions, fanciful scenarios, hearsay, speculation, innuendo and rumour etc printed in these books, many of which were proved to be wrong (see PCA report) and were not corrected in reprints.

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    An interesting opinion Gerard....... I have found (a multitude) this one on that "kiwivioce" forum

    "....There is not a very high percentage of people in this world that would kill their own family but less that would find their family murdered and then decide that it is a good time to do their washing before calling the police. His clothing must have been very dirty or very incriminating - but his behavior in doing his washing would leave little doubt as to guilt in my mind - so his treatment (and reaming) subsequent to his behavior is probably not that unreasonable under the circumstances. I suspect that if outside judges are to be given credibility then drug testing (including alcohol) and a mental balance report should be a more qualifying factor considered in giving these overpaid twats credibility - such tests should be a common practice......."

    Perhaps you might appreciate that "qualifications" can only "hope" to guide opinion?

    Should not an "Open Mind" (found within that "Public") be sufficient qualification to "SPEAK" or share an opinion? or are you suggesting some form of muzzle for those who have an opinion that differs from that of Culture Conformists?

    PS...Sheep get fleeced "ALWAYS" (expensive error to miss one)
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