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Thread: Is it more that the provision of Legal aid is actually the issue here?

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    Is it more that the provision of Legal aid is actually the issue here?

    A criteria for the granting of legal aid in family court matters is "the potential for success in that matter". We might say well that is a good thing, after all it would seem important that tax payer money should only be spent where there is a chance of success. The trouble is that the lawyer who will receive the legal aid is actually the person who establishes the chance of success. What of the checks, who follows up? In any case, dad applies for say 5 days a week care of the child or children and mum says there should be one day per week for example - and the judge directs say two days care with dad per week. Mum, has arguably been successful in that the child or children will not be in dads care for 5 days which he applied for, thus mum was successful and the lawyer keeps the dosh. All legal and the criteria is met. This is a farce and in my view tantamount to theft of tax payer money. The family courts would have substantially less work with tighter controls around legal aid which is long overdue

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    My mother also has probably been effective in that the kid or kids will not be in fathers proper take proper 5 times which he used for, thus mum was effective and the attorney keeps the dosh. All lawful and the requirements is met.

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