I have noticed that probably the majority- or at least a significant number- of media reports about dodgy police investigations are concerned with investigations where the police of a certain area or district or locality are investigating themselves. For example the case of the young man who was beaten by police and ended up with neck injuries or similar. He went to the IPCA who referred the complaint back to the police where the problem occurred, and who were thus not independent investigators of the complaint, and duly sat on it for about three years. The answer, or possible answer to this problem is to ask the Commissioner of Police to take charge of the operation, under s31 of the Policing Act, and have him delegate the investigation to the police of another district which has no axe to grind over the issue. Results anyone? As a matter of policy, police should refer investigations in which they have an interest or bias to an independent district, and which could save the public much wasted time, and also the police much public approbium.