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Thread: Porrua Family Court -public meeting monday

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    Porrua Family Court -public meeting monday

    A public meeting is to be held on Monday to discuss potential changes to the Family Court. The Government has recently unveiled plans to save $70 milliion in the next four years by reducing the number of cases in court.

    Critics say that under the proposed changes parents will need to represent themselves in formal court hearings and representation for children will be restricted.

    Unde the new rules a lawyer will only be appointed where serious issues are identified or urgent proceedings filed. A meeting to inform Porirua residents of the changes - and how to rally against them will be held in the Helen Smith room at Pataka from 3.30pm, November 12. Legal experts will answer questions.
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    I attended a seminar entitled "Silent Injustice" where one Family Court user after the next stood up and shared horrific accounts of what amounts to 'System abuse' - and the conflict of interests of lawyers was a consistent thread. I think we all agree that the more cases that can be resolved without the involvement of lawyers, the better. There is a real danger of the legal profession hiding behind the premise that the proposed changes are all about cost-saving and are prejudicial to children. It has to be said that the legal experts who will answer questions are not being paid their usually handsome hourly rate for the privilege, so what is their motivation? Do they really care about the children? Remember these are people who are experts in constructing a case designed to reach an outcome favourable to their clients - and in this case their client is themselves.

    Yoda has it bang-on ... let's try get there without the lawyers, but let's have accurate records of proceedings and some transparrency to keep everyone honest. After all - it is not as if everyone is delighted with the outcomes of the Family Court and we just want to try and save the tax-payer some money. And it is not as if the current system is serving the children it is supposed to protect anyway.

    The proposed reforms have a lot of merit - all that is missing is a closing of the loop to ensure that everyone in the system follows through as intended - and that means transparrency.
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