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Thread: Minister for courts, CHESTER BORROWS, allows PERJURY in his courts ....

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    Minister for courts, CHESTER BORROWS, allows PERJURY in his courts ....

    Presbyterian Lay Preacher and Minister for Courts, Chester Borrows, is not what he seems ....
    He was sent 354 pages of indisputable documented evidence of the Crimes of PERJURY, FORGERY and FRAUD which both his Appeal and Supreme courts have allowed,to bring a false conviction. He was asked to explain how they could so flagrantly disregard their sworn Judicial Oath to uphold the Law.

    Chester has not responded .....

    Chester, of course, claims to know God. Indeed, in voting against gay marriage, he boasts on his web pages that quote : " My faith based view on gay marriage is an institution between a man and a woman."
    Our family's experience with Chester, however, suggest he is, in fact, an ANTICHRIST and Fraud.

    Matthew 7:15 " Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."

    NZ Oath of allegiance :" I, Kerry James (Chester) Borrows, swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty,Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, ACCORDING TO LAW.

    NZ Law : Crimes Act 1961 Section 108 Perjury : (1) Perjury is an assertion as to a matter of fact,opinion,belief, or knowledge made by a witness in a judicial proceeding as part of his evidence on oath, whether the evidence is given in open court or by affidavit or otherwise, that assertion being known to the witnwss to be false and being intended by him to mislead the tribunal holding the proceeding.

    On the 24.07.2008, a man known as "Z" (Name suppression by corrupt court) admitted whilst sworn under oath that he had acted illegally by having NO INSTRUCTING SOLICITOR. The case was duly DISCHARGED. (Image 678)

    On the 03.08.2010, "Z" completely falsified his sworn evidence by now stating that he DID have an instructing solicitor !!!!
    He named that man as being John Holmes. A tape recorded meeting took place with John Holmes (with 2 witnesses) during which Mr Holmes stated that he was NOT the instructing solicitor for "Z" and there was no way he could have been. Holmes further stated that he was not aware of "Z" using his name like that in court and that "Z" had BLATANTLY LIED UNDER OATH. And he confirmed that "Z" had falsified documents with his name on them, again confirming this was a BLATANT LIE. (Image 679)

    This false evidence brought a false conviction. And although the conviction was appealed on the grounds of PERJURY, FRAUD and FORGERY, Chester's courts stated it was acceptable in this case !!!

    We can only assume that God has told Chester to make a FAITH BASED DECISION not to answer !!!

    God said : Numbers 23 V 19 : " God is not a man that he should lie. "

    Crimes Act 1961 Section 108 Perjury
    " 256 Forgery
    " 257 Using forged documents
    " 260 False Accounting

    " 666 Chester ???

    Chester Borrows,minister for courts,Presbyterian Lay Preacher,is hereby given a further opportunity to answer the 354 pages ?????

    24.07.2008 Truth - Discharged. 03.08.2010 Perjury - Convicted.

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    A formal complaint was made to the Presbyterian Church, in which two of the 30 sections sent to Chester were put to them (PERJURY and FRAUD) but despite advertising on their website : Quote " The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa is committed to working for Justice, both in New Zealand and overseas" , have replied to us saying they do not intend taking any action against Chester.
    One can only assume they support the Crimes committed in our Courts under the jurisdiction of one of their own .....


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