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Thread: Family Court- Cases Are Mostly The Same

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    Family Court- Cases Are Mostly The Same

    Of couse there are diffences but in typical access and custody matters where there are no care and protection issues what is different?

    Communication between parties has broken down in some way, or they would not be in court.

    The cases will involve children, the number of children and the sex will differ. They will be under 15 years old.

    Bonding or relationship strength between the child and one or other parent may differ

    Logistics around availability for access may differ.
    What else is different between cases?
    So why the delays, cost and hocus pockus?

    A simple schemitac, a brochure which assumes no care and protection issues should be produced. Judges know what the given outcomes are likely to be given ages and stages of a child. By of example, dad wants access to the three year old child, mum opposes it and most likely recieves legal aid and dad does not so she might as well in many cases.

    The simple formula applied by the court is; the more vehement the opposition to the access and the younger the child, the less access the child will have with the father irrespective of how good a parent he may be.

    This is because if mum gets too annoyed about the amount of access with dad or the fun the child appears to have, the greater the potential for the mum to be annoyed, around or with the child and young children can't articulate these things to people. In this instance the court will attempt to recognize this and mitigate thus reducing access with dad, giving him access but not so much so as to upset mum. Let's face it the overwhelming majority of access cases involve dad applying for access.

    So mum opposes access and the child is say three, shared care for the child and dad, not very likely at all, no maybe about seven or eight years old. I say the court should tell us before we apply, spend money and time given that the outcome is per determined in most cases and given certain peramiters.

    So why not the brochure or schemitac outlining typical access given a range of circumstances and child ages? Because the Court needs to keep up the facade of justice, fairness and equality regardless of mum or dad. Fathers who have been through the family court know that this is not true and this court is systemically gender biased.

    The other reason is that this is an industry that can only survive with applications befor the court, usually from fathers and such a brochure would reduce the number of applications, why would you apply for shared care in such circumstances, you would wait until the child is older.

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    The real issue is that often Layers pit the parties agaisnt each other .. that's how they make money.
    Mother have the right to their children and so do dads. Wives have right to 50% of the assets as well as husbands
    When people can't share . issues arise.- being fair and reasonable is at the crux of it all .
    what is wrong and affects both mothers and fathers is that one party can lie and cheat their way through court usually led by the nose by their lawyer. The one with the most unscrupulous lawyer or who throws the most money at it wins , in the end the children lose . for fairness in the courts.

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    Let's understand it,

    babies, infants, toddlers, mummy has 100 percent of access

    Mummy gets legal aid usually, their lawyer will write affidavits, file papers and manage the matter. Daddy pays real tax paid money or does it himself.

    A protection order application costs about 6,000 dollars to try to defend (legal fees)

    The process is gender biased

    Ever wondered why we have so many fatherless children in nz?

    Now you know.

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    Family Court is involved in the most intimate and complex aspects of human nature and social relations. For that reason, Family Court uses a case management process that distinguishes it from other trial courts. With the One Family, One Judge, One Court approach, cases are presented in a single court, allowing the same judge to hear all matters involving a particular family. This reduces the stress that can arise when individuals are shuttled between courts to resolve a variety of issues.

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    "Family Court is involved"

    These four words sum up 100% what the problem is. It is the Satanic playground of the most evil and vile scum known to mankind - LAWYERS !!

    One family, one "judge", one court - one outcome - Men will lose.

    And although they lose their children, they always have to pay !! But it's not all about money ... Tui slogan here ........


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