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Thread: Help yourself to Electricity :)

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    Help yourself to Electricity :)

    Justice needs to be seen to be present so when the government (legal entity) decides to help themselves to property which was being held under the stewardship of Ministries, (different legal entity) Justice would be best served if you Help yourself (repossess stolen property) ... under claim of right.

    The government was never elected to "own" the peoples investments in infrastructure formerly held under the stewardship of ministries nor was it elected to "own" the ministries.

    They were elected to serve in positions of trust and the people had rights, powers and privileges in connection to those investments including a voting interest in that the election process allowed us to vote for who was to govern knowing that part of governing included the administration of those ministries or stewardship's.

    What the government did was "WRONG IN LAW" as they concealed and transferred the peoples interests in their investments in infrastructure to corporations which were scripted into being as instruments of laundering those interests Note Crimes Act 1961 sections 25, 243, and 408.

    As such a simple repossession of stolen property is called (under claim of right) for and it is really simple.

    First "TURN OFF" the power at the mains

    Then either Bridge the two heavy red wires running into the meter or join them together...


    If you are worried that you already have an agreement to purchase the stolen property off the laundry/corporation .... ask them to give you a final reading and then help yourself.

    I am aware that any reasonable minded person would choose to pay for the maintenance and improvements to their property but until there is a body that actually represents your interests it would be unwise to further allow the corporation to benefit from the proceeds of crime so just help yourself and...

    Note ...This is a Legal challenge "VOTE" (not political) The politics of the Law are already established and set out.

    Enjoy your property with an unbridled Smile
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    How the Crown Law Office invokes Trust?

    justice remains a matter of honour.jpg

    Is this a fair picture of Justice NZ? ... No accountability?


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