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Thread: Why you should ALWAYS tape record your lawyer !!!

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    Sparks fly as LCRO Maggot verbally assaults 84 year old blind woman !

    On the 15 July 2014, a hearing against the law society standards committee was held before LCRO DOROTHY THRESHER to dispute the law society decision in clearing barrister John Robin Holmes of signing a false affidavit and a false account.

    Two months prior to this hearing the LCRO was given written confirmation that in accordance with their rule #32, 4 people would be in attendance. The names of these support people were supplied but no acknowledgement was forthcoming from the LCRO. Included in the 4 people was the complainant's 84 year old blind mother. Several more requests were made to confirm this hearing - all resulting in NO ANSWER .....

    On Thursday 10th July, a further email was sent to MARK WAGER - case manager - to confirm the 4 support people, confirm the court room, and the time of the hearing. He was also phoned. NO REPLY was forthcoming .....

    Upon arrival at the Auckland district court on the 15th, following a 60 kilometre journey, we arrived to find no hearing was listed in the courtroom we were told it was to be held in.

    After 20 minutes of searching we were about to abandon our hearing, - which we had waited 2 and a 1/2 years for !! - when a woman advised us our courtroom had been changed !

    Two of our party of four entered the courtroom to find the waiting John Holmes in there. Immediately, negotiations were opened with him in an attempt to resolve the issue. This was achieved ...... Holmes agreed to deem his fraudulent documents VOID AB INITIO, by way of an affidavit.

    After delaying our hearing for 40 minutes, LCRO DOROTHY THRESHER finally arrived - the ANTICHRIST was amongst us !!!

    Immediately, THRESHER set out to antagonise and abuse us. Despite the 4 support people being confirmed months prior, THRESHER claimed she had not been notified ....... she is a f@#*ing liar !!

    As the coward she proved herself to be, she directed her vicious verbal assault towards the complainant's 84 year old blind mother and indignantly demanded she be removed from the hearing. Standing and holding his mother's white stick in the air, the complainant informed the ANTICHRIST that his mother would not be leaving.

    Not to be outdone, THRESHER spat out that there were people in the court to "take care of her" ! She beckoned to the enormous security officer present, that he may escort her out of the room .....

    After being told to "get off your high horse" several times, THRESHER finally realised what a fool she was making of herself and conceded ......

    This was the beginning to our Legal Complaints Review hearing against the "standards committee" decision.

    A formal complaint will be made as to THRESHER'S abusive conduct against a disabled senior citizen.

    Fortunately we managed to tape record the entire fiasco. Anyone wishing to hear the performance of DOROTHY THRESHER may contact me privately via the facility available on this Forum.

    In the interim, I have posted here two statements made by John Robin Holmes in regards to his signing a false affidavit in support of his friend, and convicted fraudster Anthony David Banbrook.

    The complaint against Holmes was that he KNOWINGLY signed an affidavit which included UNTRUE STATEMENTS.

    Caught out in our well publicised secret tape recordings, Holmes stated : "I had nothing to do with the case at all actually, but I swore the affidavit so he could withdraw" (Image 175)

    And : "I'd have to explain why I've said I was, obviously a bit slack in you might say in um signing something that at the time was umm was y'know simple enough and umm just to hopefully to get him off the hook and out of the case ...." (Image 176)

    Just as the Crimes Act s.110 False Oaths says ! Tui slogan here .........

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    Criminal complaints of Perjury,Fraud and False Accounting 16th May 2012 ....

    On the 16th May 2012, Criminal complaints of Perjury, Fraud and False Accounting were made to the Auckland CIB against ANTHONY DAVID BANBROOK. Detective DICK (Richard) GARTON was the investigating officer. (Case file 120326/8984)

    On the 22nd May 2012, GARTON stated in a letter - : "ANTHONY DAVID BANBROOK provided a sworn affidavit dated the 29th May 2006 from John Robin Holmes stating he was the instructing solicitor, making me think there is no way in the world we would be successful with a prosecution".

    On the 25th July 2014, John Robin Holmes swore an affidavit RETRACTING this "affidavit" on the grounds that it is UNTRUE ! (See attached Images 177/178/179) Quote Holmes : "BANBROOK wrote this affidavit without my knowledge or consent". "We were NOT the instructing solicitor". This leaves BANBROOK exposed as Guilty on all three Charges.

    On the 5th August 2014, this RETRACTION was sent to police commissioner MIKE BUSH with a request the police re-visit this case.

    What will they do ???
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    Always record Council for the children in a Family Court matter. Always record the hearing-any transcript that you receive will not be complete." court discussion " is a good one. Anything too contencious will be out of any court transcript and replaced with " court discussion" for denial or " I don't recall that " together with a court transcript which reads "court discussion. There are surprising capabilities in the family court.

    Judges can and do stop any transcript recording, isolate and not record certain speakers. Labelling their say as " court discussion".

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    Absolutely correct. I have been informed by someone doing a law degree that THERE IS NO LAW preventing us from tape recording these "hearings".
    There IS a law that ; "If you are a party to a conversation / meeting you are entitled to record it".

    I have done so many times and will continue to do so. Intimidation is what they rely on.


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