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Thread: More on Lowell Goddard, "quite unashamedly social climbing cow"

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    More on Lowell Goddard, "quite unashamedly social climbing cow"

    An honest opinion of a lay fair-minded observer from the UK:

    The mindboggling hypocrisy and utter pernicious double standards of Lowell Goddard or whatever her bloody real name is as one can never be quite sure with this Yid sort, is absolutely breathtaking.

    To have this deeply ingrained narcissistic immigrant – yes you did read that correctly, immigrant – and quite unashamedly social climbing cow imbued with her sick and delusional notions of what constitutes superiority in human beings – most ironic as she doesn’t qualify in the least to be a member of the human race in my opinion – and evidently in her case sees skin colour and race as indispensible elements in this skewed analysis of hers; even in her mentally fucked up case and sociopathic assumptions should have been aware that even white supremacists as she unquestionably sees herself as, as indeed no one born into this world had or could have done so the slightest input into whom they eventually biologically turned out to be.

    Markedly and incredibly this arrant nonsense coming from someone who is unbelievably slated as one of New Zealand’s best and cleverest judges – God help the rest of them and that country if that’s the case is my response to that assertion – isn’t only sickening in itself but also thoroughly psychopathic as well; and I do know a thing or two about psychopaths and their behaviour.

    How come? Well I once trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse at Clifton Hospital in York: one of the UK’s oldest and largest mental hospitals then that began life as a lunatic asylum, obviously long before my time there, and now like so many rather desperately needed mental hospitals in Britain have sadly been closed. A process that was most dogmatically and clearly stupidly started by the Margaret Thatcher regime and which has continued unabated ever since and with their complete support of consecutive British regimes and accounts for why there are so many lunatics roaming liberally across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and in every walk of life, or none, that you could possibly imagine. And as if that wasn’t in itself bad enough the bloody Home Secretary at the time Theresa May, and herself a staunch Thatcherite, had to idiotically import a certifiable lunatic form New Zealand to join the home-grown ones who were already there and still are in Britain, and what’s more insultingly give her at great expense to the taxpayer a job she was always unsuitable for, but avariciously took because she’s quite manifestly a compulsive and annoying mercenary bitch!

    Anyway, during my time as a psychiatric nurse I routinely came across and in that specific role professionally dealt with numerous sectioned psychopaths that were sent to Clifton Hospital, so I can from the professional role I carried out as well as that perspective coupled with the wealth of experience that I garnered at Clifton Hospital and during my intensive training and work there that were themselves complemented by my close observation of these creatures I had to deal with, was easily able to detect a psychopath anywhere when I encountered or saw one; and Lowell Goddard to my mind and even in appearance alone bears all the hallmarks of a fucking inured sociopath and a most demented psychopath!

    Someone who should be compulsorily sectioned and confined to total isolation in a padded cell - alright I know they’ve dispensed with those too in the UK but surely an exception can and should be made in Lowell Goddard’s case – and with Theresa May forced to spend every weekend and all of her parliamentary recesses there with Lowell Goddard in a lunatic asylum well away from Britain or normal human habitation; some place like Devil’s Island.And with Theresa May’s punishment in this way being justifiable British taxpayer’s retribution meted out to her for asininely imposing this lunatic and racist nerd Lowell Goddard, as if we don’t already have more than our fair share of them in the UK as it is, on those sane members of the British public in the first place. This in addition to the compulsory sanction of making Lowell Goddard repay every penny in full, and with interest, the money she unwarrantedly received for in my honest opinion doing fuck all to start with.

    And it does beggar belief that this utter nutcase Lowell Goddard, a certifiable sociopath and psychopath, who was born in New Zealand with its well documented history of the ethnic cleansing, systematic genocide against, the wholesale theft of, the arbitrary renaming of this country and the exclusive control of it by colonialist whites, primarily from Britain and Ireland but exclusively white Caucasians all the same. Barbarians who throughout their reign of terror have disdainfully and dismissively without any recourse to the views or a courteous by your leave permission of, or even a request to the Maori nation that lawfully and morally is the indigenous population of what’s now called New Zealand, and what’s more having all this contemptuously compounded by identical views that Lowell Goddard holds and has always personally and passionately done in respect not only of the Maori nation but also the Aborigine one in “nearby” Australia who have similarly been subjected to the same premeditated and barbaric treatment in their own indigenous country by Europeans who were and still are primarily whites from the British Isles.

    How ironic and breathtakingly arrogant then for this discernibly haughty and self-absorbed New Zealand immigrant to Britain, Lowell Goddard to most gallingly express her exasperation and the evident personal offence she derived and also wantonly wallowed in at her finding the UK of all places with its own loathsome and historical track record of well documented acts of chillingly perfidious barbarity, forcible and massive land acquisition globally – New Zealand and Australia are just the tip of the iceberg of myriad examples of this – entrenched colonialism, militaristic imperialism and much more of this sort of heinous and inhuman conduct systematically and ruthlessly carried out over several centuries, to be inhabited, apart from whites as Lowell Goddard would wish, by groups of people that she Lowell Goddard obviously feels are not only inferior to her specifically but also other whites generally and who ought never to have been let into Britain in the first place because in her sick reckoning they don’t belong there; notwithstanding that just as she a white person was born in New Zealand many of these non-whites who she despises and disapproves of were actually born in the United Kingdom and have longstanding generational roots there!

    And adding to the irony already expressed these are some of the very people that through the UK taxes they’ve civically paid, compulsorily, either as citizens or longstanding residents, now insultingly as well find themselves coughing up in monetary terms the inordinate and as I think wholly unjustifiable sums of money paid by Theresa May, her corrupt Home Office Department and a Tory regime that makes the fascist one of General Franco of Spain look benign by comparison, to this purblind cunt Lowell Goddard and for what? I’ll tell you – to gratuitously insult these non-white and hardworking UK taxpayers in their own country.

    And this is the New Zealand prat that those brain-dead supporters of hers, and of which they’re several, are eulogizing about as clever?

    Give me strength Dear God!

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    White racist??

    I think if the author checked he/she would find that LG is at least partially Maori

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    I think the author judges Lowell Goddard by her deeds, not by her biology.


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