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Thread: Sian Elias: Show me your friends, I値l tell you who you are

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    Sian Elias: Show me your friends, I値l tell you who you are

    On 14 October 2016, The Times wrote under the headline “Disaster from Down Under”:

    Abusive. Racist. Appalling. Intolerable. Catastrophic. The adjectives allegedly used by insiders to describe Dame Lowell Goddard speak volumes of the frustration that she engendered among colleagues. ...Dame Lowell’s unsuitability for the post was clear within weeks to those working for her...
    The adjectives also speak volumes about the referee, Chief Justice Sian Elias, who recommended her chum Lowell Goddard for the job:

    The girl with whom [Goddard] was best friends was Sian Elias. Both later studied law and became barristers. On the same day in 1988 they became New Zealand’s first female QCs. Each was later made a judge. In late 2014, as Home Office officials sought advice on Dame Lowell’s suitability, they turned to her friend, who was now New Zealand’s chief justice.
    As the saying goes, show me your friends, I’ll tell you who you are.

    P.S. And that scumbag, Goddard, was the longest serving High Court judge! Kiwis had to endure her for 20 years... Thanks to the British, no more.
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