According to the NZ Herald.... the Supreme Court has found that the Department of Corrections got release and parole dates wrong.

Although there may be as many as 21 Prisoners released immediately - which we have been informed about (that will likely seek compensation) - there are other potentially associated problems that could also prove similarly expensive.

For example .... The Court hands a person out a sentence of say 5 years in Commercial Custody - and he does not seek parole - he serves his five years and is then released? .... ? he gets another six months in a bracelet, is instructed where to live in a town he has only heard of before, he has to report regularly, he has to tell them when he has a relationship etc etc

In my way of thinking he is still being punished long after the five years the Court gave him (cruel and unusual?)- simply because in Commercial Custody it is economically prudent to extend the prisoners supervision as it is economically viable to interpret the Law to suit the economics
The Prisoner is aware that his presence has served Commercial Custodians economically but is unable to afford to cut the apron strings of his commercial custodians to the department of corrections because he is not a lawyer and clearly it would require the supreme court to tell them that five years is five years not six months funding- longer.

Class actions or Prisoners seeking Compensation from a corrupt commercial detention structure dating back to about 2002, could well mean hundreds of millions of additional dollars & more pressure upon the Courts- not to mention the lawyers quietly rubbing their greedy little paws together in anticipation- It is however unlikely that heads will roll because- the public can pay and why not after all was it not the public that trusted the NZ government to be capable of performing?.... since 2002?

As such... The Public clearly deserve to pay- or maybe the government can borrow some more so the Peoples Kids kids get the debt without anything to justify such debt

ah well ..... The shit will hit the fan sooner than later - will it not?