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Thread: Queenstown Judge Kevin Phillips Charges $10,000 for Underage Sex

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    Queenstown Judge Kevin Phillips Charges $10,000 for Underage Sex

    Ok- I know what you thinking- this must be a slanderous headline?

    Well no- technically this is exactly what has happened , and is merely a sign of the times in New Zealand's justice system

    Let's look at the facts:

    NZ: Teen 'buys' his way out of sex conviction (Southland)

    Judge Kevin Phillips charges the man $10,000 for under age sex with local girl. Presumably because the sex offender was from a 'good family'. Or the son of a mate of old Kev's maybe? Come on down to Queenstown folks- bring your perverted children, just $10,000 for a little bit of underage sex - plus court costs and legal fees.

    Unbelievable isn't it.

    Judge Kevin Phillips was once a lawyer in the region of course and would know a good opportunity when he sees one.

    But how do Queenstown locals feel about old Judge Kev charging just $10,000 for statutory rape?

    Bit cheap, or about right?

    Any other parents out there keen?

    $10,000 would buy a whole bundle of bungy jumps, or a season pass going cheap in Queenstown thanks to old Uncle Kev. Roll on up!

    I guess old Uncle Kev just never got the memo- that he is funded by tax payers to uphold the laws of the Nation so as keep people and their families safe - not to negotiate the terms for the sexual abuse of children.

    One wonders how many other children this pervert might go on to abuse - safe in the knowledge that his wealthy parents, and the NZ judges have got his back.....

    Judge Kevin Phillips selling Otago children's innocence for $10,000 a pop, in direct contradiction to the laws of the Nation he is paid to uphold.

    "We are going to continue to support our daughter as she tries to put this behind her."

    "The mother said they had conceded to police laying a lesser charge to prevent their daughter being victimised by the court [by Judge Kevin Phillips].
    "It could be that part of this kid's problem is that he thinks he is entitled to take whatever he wants and there are no consequences, that mummy and daddy will fix it."

    Again we all weep as the judiciary we fund promotes crime and debauchery and protects the criminals.

    Picture - Judge Kevin Phillips playing dress up at a party for the well to do in Queenstown - where child abuse is priced and sold by the judiciary, while ignoring the actual law they are paid to uphold. judge-kevin-phillips.jpg
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    Canterbury University professor of sociology Greg Newbold said the judge's determination made sense... The judge would have looked at the circumstances of the offending and the offender and decided a conviction would have possibly done irreparable damage "to a young man who otherwise has pretty good prospects for the future", Prof Newbold said.
    For a person unfamiliar with the NZ justice system, it may appear that Judge Kevin Phillips can be raped for $10,000 without criminal consequences, provided that it's done in New Zealand and by a young man who otherwise has pretty good prospects for the future. Phillips's judgments would, of course, be mitigating circumstances of the offending. But we know that different laws apply to NZ kids and Kevin Phillips's arse. Unlike the former, the latter is untouchable.

    Kevin Phillips was quite rightfully branded a wrinkly old c.nt ("an unpleasant or stupid person", according to oxford dictionaries) in the following articles:

    Professor Greg Newbold is a known New Zealand contributor to rape culture:

    [The students] say Newbold, a sociology professor, made comments that "objectified women" and contributed to rape culture by saying New Zealand's penalties for rape were too drastic and failing to address the impact on victims.

    University of Canterbury's dean of law Ursula Cheer is investigating comments made by criminologist Greg Newbold, which some students said objectified women.

    Unfortunately, there's nobody in NZ to investigate Kevin Phillips. Our only hope are young men who have pretty good prospects for the future.
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