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Thread: Judge Kevin Phillips allows 18+ counts of perjury in Queenstown District Court

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    Judge Kevin Phillips allows 18+ counts of perjury in Queenstown District Court

    Firstly- is the accusation of perjury subjective?
    No it is not. Well at least not to anyone who still has their eyesight.
    Video evidence was provided in the case below (although limited video evidence, despite a previous judge ordering that more be obtained - which was ignored by Queenstown's police) - and clearly shows that Judge Kevin Phillips allowed the Crown's main witness (and so called "victim") to lie while under oath no less than 18 times.
    The bouncer shown in the video - one Simon David Orpin of the UK - stated on the witness stand numerous times that he had 'never left the bar door'.
    As the video shows, he quite clearly left the bar door twice.
    It was like a scene from 1984 standing in the courtroom as this ridiculous judge and his fellow conspirator Sergeant Ian Collin, both nodded and agreed that Mr Orpin had never followed the man out the bar door before the fight started outside, despite the video evidence playing in front of them clearly showing otherwise.
    The comments section under the video also details a few other allegations of fraud and dishonesty by the court, the qt police and judge Kevin Phillips - including holding secret/ unnotified court hearings, withholding court transcripts (as in refusing to provide them despite being required to by law- Margaret McSweeney, District Court manager), witness statements that looked like they had been twinked out, altered and photocopied over, and also refusing/ ignoring a lawful request to have the case transferred to the High Court, as is a defendants rights.
    If you watch the video below - and read the statements made in the court by David Simon Orpin and judge Kevin Philips, the only conclusion a reasonable man can reach, in my opinion, is that this judge is beyond repair.
    Judge Kevin Philips has been involved in a number of horrific decisions in recent years, some involving questionable name suppression for alleged sex offenders (including a local police officer- see "policeman who filmed teen in shower") and others involving allegations of perjury (see Shane Cribb case)
    What makes the case below even more interesting, is that the man whom David Orpin admitted attacking outside the bar, is a fairly prolific NZ journalist and blogger who was at the time in Queenstown promoting the books of exiled New Zealand author Greg Hallett and had days earlier donated some of his 'banned' books to the Queenstown Library. He was also covering the breaking Westminster Scandal which involved allegations of numerous allegations of British MP's, Lords and even judges being involved in establishment protected child abuse rings.
    It could be noted that judge Kevin Phillips is British, as is the bouncer Mr David Simon Orpin.
    The man who was attacked by Barmuda bouncer David Orpin and then wrongly convicted by judge Kevin Phillips - who relied on 18+ counts of black and white perjury - has maintained that he was set up that night for his work exposing these allegations of child abuse rings that are protected by various powerful elements of the establishment.
    The case was then appealed to the High Court (where it should have been heard to begin with) and then to the Court of Appeal- where Justice Brown, Justice Brown, Justice Ellen, Justice France, Justice Heath and Justice Bird all ratified the documented perjury.
    What was learned throughout this 2.5 years process- was that the same issues which have infected our district court system, have also infected our High Courts and Court of Appeal.
    People will be aware that we have now had the right of appeal to a higher court in England removed in recent years by PM Helen Clark. We are now apparently 'locked in' in New Zealand with a judiciary who rule as they please, even if it means ignoring the video evidence in front of them.
    It sounds more like a story / situation out of Soviet Russia than modern day New Zealand.
    This is clearly an unacceptable situation for Kiwis and humanity in general.
    Something must be done about these people. And I guess it starts by simply documenting it all and trying to spread the word. Our judiciary is apparently out of control.

    Here is the video evidence shown in court.....

    And here are some of the statements made regarding whether the bouncer left the bar door:

    A sample of statements made under oath by David Orpin in front of judge Kevin Phillips in the Queenstown District Court:
    The Man [self represented] "Do you deny stepping out of the door" Orpin "Yes I deny that"
    The Man "...and so you deny stepping outside that door" Orpin "I do deny that" Orpin "The only time I followed you out the door was after you struck me"
    Orpin "You can't see me stepping out the door there"
    Orpin "I was static"
    Orpin "I was just going to shut the door and get back, back to my job" "I was just standing there and I was waiting to shut the door and then [he] came back swinging punched at me" (Note, the door is self shutting- another blatant lie)
    Police Prosecutor Ian Collin "Had you in any way made a move to follow or towards the man?" Orpin "Not before he struck me, no"
    Sergeant Ian Collins "But you would accept we can't see Mr Orpin coming out can we?"
    Judge Kevin Phillips in his summing up "Mr Orpin has been a reliable and honest witness"
    As you can see from the video evidence used in the court hearing above- both Judge Kevin Phillips and Sergeant Ian Collin made dishonest statements in the Queenstown District Court in order to find the man guilty.
    There was a total of 28 such lies made under oath by David Orpin- he claimed there was "around 40 in the bar at the time" - he also claimed the man had finished is drink before he reached him to talk- and also that he had been harassing the two girls sitting next to him - more video evidence was requested by an earlier Judge and twice by the man in writing - but the police refused to obtain it as it would have shown clearly that the two girls had only just sat down next to the man, despite their being room at the bar elsewhere, and that the man had not bothered them at all.
    All of these lies and perjury from the Queenstown District Court were documented and presented to the Invercargill High Court and the NZ Court of Appeal who all ignored them and upheld the original corrupt sentence.
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