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Thread: How police committed DOCUMENTATION FRAUD to bring false conviction

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    Google Lauda finem NZ for a good article on this case. Type Paul Currie into the search box. Read also the comments. I gave them no information about our case prior to this story being written - they have some now though ....

    Paul and Robb Currie are now being primed to be deemed vexatious litigants by our non-corrupt judicial system. Having been screwed by our COA and Supreme court, we have filed 4 Private Prosecutions against the suppressed man, Mr 'Z' since August 2013. Each one has been refused.

    We found out on Thursday 1 May, that our emails to the justice system have been blocked since 18 December 2013, meaning, in the name of justice, that all of our submissions to the courts have not been given to the judge. We contacted the deputy head of National Security - Michael Hubbard - who refused to reveal who gave him the order to do this (probably illegal) act and when questioned why we were not notified he replied "I didn't think it mattered". Smooth.
    And so we have been denied the right to justice once again for six months. Hubbard has told us he is checking with his legal advisers as to the legality of his actions. (After the fact!)

    And although they have not received our emails, we are told we have been blocked due to the "tone" of them !!!

    Now I have kept all emails sent to them and they have not been able to produce any such "toned" emails.

    Further, we have been banned from emailing the Pukekohe, Manukau and Auckland district courts, and also banned from phoning them !!!
    We are allowed only to send literature to them by post - of which we have done but have been told they did not receive anything !

    Anyone getting this same non-corrupt treatment from the government can contact National Security on ph.04 918 8075 Fax. 04 918 8825 or email - assuming you are not blocked !

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    # HELP REQUIRED PLEASE # Bent Pig .. err policeman, AARON PASCOE, was asked at a meeting on the 19th November to supply a complete copy of our case disclosure.

    He refused, stating that it was "in Christchurch with the arresting officer, IAN PETER COLLIN".

    Ours must be the only case that has never been entered onto the police "Central System".

    Prior to this PASCOE Pigshit, we have been told that Oinker COLLIN, upon transfer, has taken this case file with him to Dunedin and Queenstown !

    Now PASCOE may believe his own Porkies, (pardon the pun) but we do not.

    And so, to all of you good people on the NZ Justice Forum - can anyone post the procedure as to who/how we request this disclosure from "Official Information" please ?

    Thankyou in advance, 1victim.

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    Ross Meurant confirms Bent Pig AARON PASCOE lied through his snout .........

    On the 19 November 2014, a tape recorded meeting was held with the Bent Pig, AARON PASCOE, at Auckland Central Sty.

    PASCOE had been asked to prosecute the Convicted Fraudster and Barrister, Anthony David BANBROOK, for swearing a False Affidavit, dated 29 May 2006, in the case CIV-2005-404-7124.

    This is the affidavit which has been retracted by Barrister John Holmes on the 15 July 2014 - Holmes having been falsely named by BANBROOK as his instructing solicitor in the said case.

    Crimes Act 1961 s.110 False Oaths : EVERY ONE is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years who, being required or authorised by law to make a statement on oath or affirmation, thereupon makes a statement that would amount to perjury if made in a judicial proceeding. (Image 239)

    PASCOE, caught on tape, stated : "This is not a false affidavit because it is only about a law society matter".

    He further stated he had "case law" to support his lie. He quoted the case : R v Goodyear-Smith (T 332/92, 26/7/93 Anderson j)

    Needless to say, this is pure Fiction .....

    On the 9 December 2014, a two hour meeting was held with former police officer and MP Ross Meurant, who was shown the exact same evidence, and more, to evaluate.

    In knocking PASCOE off his Trotters, Mr Meurant said : "Rob Currie called me out of the blue so to speak; he ran past me a situation which seems to me at the least to amount to a prima facie against a lawyer - for telling fibs in an affidavit - where the number one witness is another lawyer!"

    " you require more detail, work through the "other stuff" he has which is regrettably typically shoddy performance by the police" (Image 240)

    On the 5 January 2015, Bent Pig PASCOE sent me an email : "I WILL NOT BE READING ANY FURTHER EMAILS FROM YOU REGARDING THIS MATTER" !!

    Quote Patrick O'Brien re-police procedure : "LIE, DENY, IGNORE".

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    Surely with this evidence the police must charge this crook ? What is wrong with the NZ justice system ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1victim View Post
    On the 19 November 2014, a tape recorded meeting was held with the Bent Pig, AARON PASCOE, at Auckland Central Sty...
    1victim: I am not surprised by Pasco's conduct. He refused to even consider charging the A-G with corruption, and gave no rational reason for that refusal.

    But that is not uncommon with a corrupt system of justice. The Auckland High Court Registrar refused to refer a perjury (in a Crown Prosecutor's affidavit filed into his Registrar) to prosecuting authorities. Even though he had the prerequisite knowledge of the perjury by the Crown Prosecutor in that affidavit. He also gave no reasons for his refusal.

    By letter of 15 September 2014 the Minister of Courts was asked to intervene to investigate the conduct of the Registrar, including the Registrar's refusal to also protect the Courts from further perjury by that same Crown Prosecutor.

    Not surprisingly the Minister has not yet responded, other than acknowledging the letter of 15 September 2014 and 5 follow-up emails.

    We wait.

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    AARON PASCOE-bent cop- appears to be assigned investigations the police want buried

    John "Brockovich" - the attached email (Image 233) was received two days after my meeting with this Porky-telling Pig.

    They apparently received some "anonymous correspondence" from someone !

    "Aaron Pascoe is a bent cop, he appears to be assigned investigations that the police want buried, we have a number of cases involving Pascoe, all of which have gone nowhere".

    Little wonder that Banbrook and the A-G can rest easy .....

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    85 year old blind lady brings police alert at Auckland High Court ......

    Due to the unparalleled corruption in NZ courts, on the 16th April 2015, 85 year old blind pensioner, Joyce Currie, was forced to confront "justice" Graham Laurie LANG in courtroom 5 at the Auckland High Court in search of an answer to her Memorandum to him on the 11th November 2014 (and many prior) of which Lang has refused to answer.

    Having sat in Lang's court for 45 minutes, until the adjournment was called, the blind lady, with the assistance of her caregiver, approached "justice" Lang as he headed for the side door.

    As his conscience pricked him, and smitten with guilt, Lang did a marvellous impression of a fire engine, turning bright red as he took a copy of the Memorandum from the elderly woman's caregiver.

    Lang was, of course, a willing and integral part of the unbridled perjury in his court on the 03.08.2010, which brought the false conviction of her son, Paul, after the case had been thrown out at depositions.

    Upon her return into the High Court after the adjournment, Mrs Currie was blocked by police, who threatened to arrest and charge her with "contempt of court".

    This, after "justice" Graham Laurie LANG has continuously abused process, been a willing participant in perjury, and failed to uphold his judicial oath !

    These cowardly acts of Judicial Corruption by "justice" Graham Laurie LANG and his cohorts are committed on a daily basis in ALL NZ courts.

    NZ Law states : "Perjury prosecution can only be directed by the sitting judge", meaning LANG should prosecute "Mr Z" under s.108 and s.110 of the Crimes Act.

    Should this gutless coward issue a minute, as he is abliged to, I will post it with the evidence he was submitted with.

    We all know that "justice" LANG will attempt to obfuscate in any of his writings.


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    Do you have confirmation in writing from the registrar that your memorandum has been forwarded to justice Lang ?

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    The FLYING PIG ......

    We all know that John Key and his corrupt cohorts put an enormous effort into targeting "speeding" drivers. (All in the name of safety and nothing at all to do with Revenue)

    The Bent Pig in this case, Ian Peter COLLIN, was recently caught doing 149km/h ....... fined $650, and allegedly faced an "internal investigation".

    It appears to have been suppressed ! GO OINKER !!!

    What would happen to you if you did this ???



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