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Thread: Judge Geoffrey Ellis- leaves the lunatics to run the asylum

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    Judge Geoffrey Ellis- leaves the lunatics to run the asylum

    Wellington Family Court Judge Geoffrey Ellis is about to go into semi retirement according to a recent article in the Kapi Mana News. The article pays homage to his career and states that the Judge's own family is now the priority.

    One can only hope that he makes a better luck managing his own family than he's had in resolving the disputes of others. The following is an example Judicial malfeasance that has left my family torn apart, an estate pillaged by the New Zealand Courts and numerous lawyers enriched by acting contrary to their own rules of conduct,professional practice and the Crimes Act . The process began with Geoffrey Ellis, who refused to allow evidence into his court that was contrary to his predetermined opinion.

    This is a picture of my family taken in early 2002. My brother Peter is standing( a life-long sufferer of schizophrenia), my late mother Joy is in the wheelchair, (she had cerebral vascular disease and suffered several strokes) my sister Janine is seated to the left.She has spina bifida since birth and takes large quantities of narcotic drugs for pain relief.(side effects can include paranoia)

    At the time, I was the only able bodied (relatively) sane member of the family unit. However, Judge Ellis decreed that I was unfit to continue to have a relationship with my mother, by refusing to allow defence attorney, Lawrence Moala to file affidavit evidence and written submissions, because Mr Moala was two days late it doing so.

    This resulted in a protection order against me, my brother in mental hospital, and my mother being consigned to a rest home for the rest of her life without ever seeing her grandchildren again. Janine then signed an enduring power of attorney, took over Mums finances and persuaded her to change her will...... to be continued
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