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Thread: Article: United Nations slams IPCA

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    Article: United Nations slams IPCA

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    United Nations slams New Zealand's corrupt IPCA (Independent Police Conduct Authority) & Department of Corrections for ACTS of TORTURE ~ by Henry Alfred Goolsbee
    reports that similar indifference prevails when reporting the United Nations findings that medical treatment in New Zealand prisons is tantamount to torture.

    ...and yet, the New Zealand media carefully avoids such reporting of corruption at very high levels. Is the "media watchdog" then, as such, not owned by the very people whom the media should exposing?

    United Nations findings were briefly mentioned (thank goodness) in a PBS radio broadcast, but were never apparently heard of, nor covered again in any mainstream news media.


    The PBS broadcast occurred while an ex-officio prime minister, Helen Clark from New Zealand, was in office at the United Nations AND New Zealand was making a bid for a seat on the UN security council.

    Elections for Prime Minister were imminent.

    The "Dirty Politics" scandals were well underway with elections looming.

    Wrongfully imprisoned Henry Alfred Goolsbee was leading a civil rights and human rights campaign from WITHIN New Zealand prisons at the time, hoping to expose the plethora of ongoing ICCPR (United Nations) violations that were being perpetrated by government officials at many levels, including, but not limited to, the New Zealand Office of the Ombudsman itself under the hand of Dame Beverley Wakem (Chief Ombudsman) herself!

    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
    (<~~ PDF download available)

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    For immediate release June 7, 2016
    on behalf of Pastor Henry Alfred Goolsbee and family

    As a direct result of the false arrest and wrongful imprisonment of Henry Alfred Goolsbee: various reporters continue to promote false slanderous stories in online news.

    Despite PUC's presiding Elder, Pastor Mark Witas, having attempted to behave in a moral and ethically fit manner...

    SDA President Heather Knight, through her abject negligence as President of PUC, working in collusion with Lisa Paulson and JoAnn Bowen, all aided by a person pretending to be an ethical and responsible investigative reporter (Hannah Barnes) have left the PUC, Pacific Conference and General Conference open to a massive lawsuit regrading a false and slanderous (calumnious) article currently appearing in the PUC online news.
    Heather Knight, Ph.D.
    Heather Knight (left) & Lisa Paulson and Hannah Barnes (below) continue to promote false rumors, gossip and slanderous reporting in PUC’s online news The CAMPUS CHRONICLE.

    Pastor Henry Alfred Goolsbee was attempting to carryout an online process of matriculation as a mature at PUC, having previously concluded meetings with Elder Mark Witas on the same day as to so-called “Campus Invasion.” Pastor Goolsbee had been baptized at PUC over 20 years ago and was returning to his spiritual home and family.
    Numerous emails between PUC directorates attest to the truth behind the false, misleading and absurd assumptions and assertions of Lia Paulson. Heather Knight and Lisa Paulson appear to be embroiled in numerous additional scandals and acts of misconduct at PUC - as reported in numerous other PUC online forums and news articles.
    Lisa Bissell Paulson
    The article in question is nothing more than absolute nonsense and is a fabrication of the imagination of Lisa Paulson (right) and her cohorts. The article contains a set of lies and rumors that were initiated by Lisa Paulson due to her mismanagement and her own misunderstanding of events that transpired in the PUC cafeteria, where Pastor Henry Alfred Goolsbee was attempting to carryout an online process of matriculation at PUC, having previously concluded meetings with Elder Mark Witas on the same day as to so-called “Campus Invasion”; and further com;scatted by the inclusion of other lies and nonsense authored by yet another irresponsible and unprofessional reporter in New Zealand.

    Hannah Barnes shows that makeup is a personal choice and can be used as an art form, just like hair styles and fashion.
    These so-called managers and their "investigative reporter" don’t seem to understand the difference between facts and evidence vs gossip and rumors.
    Henry Alfred Goolsbee has offered the offending individuals named herein, who are in positions of managerial authority, numerous opportunities to resolve the matter and now challenges Hannah Barnes to prove to the world and the members of the PUC congregation and PUC students that these absurd assertions have any foundation in truth or any merit whatsoever.
    Pastor Goolsbee also offers the individuals who, have behaved so foolishly, the opportunity to apologize both verbally and in writing and to print and distribute a retraction.
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