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Thread: Judge Weir does a finger to the law, judge Cooper protects him

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    I was involved in an accident and lost my leg. The driver was charged and pleaded guilty to careless use of a motorvehicle and ordered to pay me a small amount of reparation, which she did so in 3 weeks flat. It was mandatory for her to lose her licence for at least 6 months, but the judge decided that would inconvenience her too much as she had to get to work to earn money to pay me reparation. It has taken me 9 years to find out the judges name as the closing ranks of Rotorua courts and the complaints process of them was very tight. I had to resort to going to the ministry of justice to be told the judges name. I have also been refused the sentencing notes, sentencing submissons and a taperecording of the sentencing. They say there was never sentencing notes, but I know there was and they say that conveniently enough the tape has been destroyed and judge cooper told Rotorua court staff that I'm not to have the sentencing submissions. All three of these things I am entitled to as victim of her offence. Judge Weir twisted everything around to make out the offender was the victim, according to someone present during the hearing. Of course that explains why I am not being given evidence of this. And all the authorities can say who are meant to hold corrupt people to account is: we can't intervene in a court decision.
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    ... And all the authorities can say who are meant to hold corrupt people to account is: we can't intervene in a court decision.
    Karne: You should quote from the Judicial Conduct Commissioner when arguing with the authorities claiming "we can't intervene":

    By formal letter of 11 June 2013 the Commissioner stated:

    “If it became apparent to me that a Judge’s approach to and conclusion upon the issues was wholly divorced from sense and logic, then that could conceivably give rise to a claim of incompetence, amounting to incapacity. And that maybe seen as an issue of conduct.”

    By email of 4 August 2015 from the Office of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner:

    "The Commissioner's view is that if a Judge were knowingly to break the law, then that may, depending on the circumstances, lead to the Commissioner taking action in respect of that Judge under the Act."

    Advice: When making a complaint to authorities never argue about a Court decision (that argument is for an appeal Court), always argue about the Judge's conduct that lead to the Courts decision. e. g. he (or they) must have been incapacitated or drunk at the time or deliberately breached his (their) Judicial Oath etc

    You will not win, but at least you will make the authorities blatantly lie to you in writing. That's how they maintain, and hide from the uninformed public, NZ's systemic judicial corruption.
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