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Thread: Article: Abuse Judge Criticised

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    Article: Abuse judge criticised

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    If the facts are correct on Mr. Siemer's website, it would appear that Justice Goddard and the UK Home Secretary have an embarrassing problem. It will be interesting to see where this will go.

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    There is considerable information concerning Justice Goddard's misconduct on Kiwisfirst. It is difficult to believe it is all wrong when only a small portion of it needs to be true to be extremely worrisome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfa View Post
    Go Vince !
    'Go you good thing' Vince!

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    Dr Moodie dressed for court as Alice in Wonderland when he appeared for Mr and Mrs Berryman

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    Moodie is a well known cross dresser, so that is not news. Bob Jones, on receiving his knighthood, and being asked how he wanted to be addressed, said "I don't care, call me Sir Margaret if you like".


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