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Thread: The LCRO & RMA Fraud

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    Cool The LCRO & RMA Fraud

    I have tracked a lawyer that has been a naughty little boy, he has been nailed by the LCRO in the recent past and I have just found he has altered a compulsory easement that was made a condition of a subdivision by Council a few years ago... there is a form for surrendering as easement that contains 4 certifications from the servient tenement of the easement and 5 for the dominant. As this lawyers client owned both titles being a subdivision of them, he therefore acted for both parties to it and surrendered the easement. Something that is absolutely against the s243a of the Resource Management Act 1991 - moreover as the easement was compulsory - its fully protected by s243a and therefore can only be removed once the territorial land authority [Council] give consent. They did not do this, and they know they did not do this because the same woman that put the easement in place - still works in the same office, and did nearly die a little bit, when I told her that one on the phone the other day. It was a goody.

    Does anyone know penalties for little illegal infringements like this ? I know what the act says... and the RMA is brutal... $500k... and a penalty for everyday that the infringement remains in place. Well this one is now 950 days... but i want to know examples... any lawyer that has been as stupid as this idiot... putting his 'digital signature' to it at LINZ and sticking his finger to the RMA for his little client. I can't find much on the LCRO history for this type of RMA issue but did find him being kicked firmly in the gonads by the LCRO a very short while ago... I hope they have their boots on still, because its about to go there all over again. But this time it will go one further.

    Would appreciate anyone that is aware of a lawyer being nailed for title fraud giving me a PM or commenting on here.

    Happy trails. Oh and next time you buy a title, do a historic title search... nice and cheap and worth every penny, you may even get to remove a degree from someone that shouldn't be holding it.


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    No he has not been disbarred. In case anyone is not aware, the Standards Committee redacts ALL lawyers names and any other persons name in a decision and summary that they publish - unless there is a specific publication order made. They do also NOT publish findings from superior adjudication boards above them, those being the LCRO and the Justice Department Disciplinary Tribunal on their website. They publish those summaries in their magazine - that is sent to every lawyer, and anyone can download it. This to me is unbelievable. The public needs to know this - not other lawyers. This is pointless.

    The lawyer I am about to nail was first presented to the Standards Committee and was found to be not in breach of any of their code of conduct rules. The complainant - his client - was so utterly disgusted by this she chose to [for $50] escalate the Standards Committee ruling to the LCRO and have it reviewed by them. They found he had a staggering 10 separate breaches of their rules and was fined and ordered to pay costs and refund his fees for the service. The total was about $10k. Not really much of a hardship. She did also request that both her and his name be made public and help in the act of enabling others to therefore contact her and further any more complaints about this person. I found her and have spoken to her about her complaint. It would appear that this lawyer is also suffering from alcohol abuse... but that might also be a stress relief for him - as he appears to be a sociopath and no doubt needs to try and forget what he does when nobody is watching. Unfortunately, we are.

    The offences I have found he has committed are far more serious - and the penalties are stated above.

    To get a lawyer disbarred they just about have to murder a child in court - on video. It's extremely rare. It is far more important that each and every citizen make a complaint to the standards committee every single time they believe they find their lawyer acting against the code of conduct. This way they achieve a nice full record of every infringement - just like the REAA system that records every complaint and totals them online. No names are removed. Everything is public. How do lawyers get protected by their own industry and Real Estate agents do not ? Doctors are also public, builders are public, surgeons, architects, surveyors, valuers, pilots, and yes - even teachers. Hell even the DNC - Domain name commission's findings are public and searchable. When you contest an unfair domain and win or lose... that decision is made public and published on the DNC site for all to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    It seems that regulation of the legal profession in New Zealand has some major problems...
    The legal profession regulation has absolutely no problems whatsoever, according to those who control the legal profession.

    The major problems are for those who are let down by the regulations and process, which are designed to protect the legal profession and its lawyers when they consider it appropriate.

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