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  • Ex-cop 'unlawfully' arrested

    Ex-cop 'unlawfully' arrested

    A former police dog handler wants compensation and an apology after he was unlawfully arrested in his Upper Hutt home by police who mistook him for his daughter's violent ex-partner.

    The Independent Police Conduct Authority published its report on Thursday into the incident on January 23, 2015. It harshly criticises a sergeant and a dog handler who went to the man's property searching for his daughter's ex, who had earlier threatened her and rammed her car.

    The father,...
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  • United Nations slams IPCA

    United Nations slams IPCA

    It appears New Zealand Mainstream Media no longer presents itself as a purveyor of truth or even news. NZME. – the conglomerate of 55 news organisations in New Zealand – does not even list news as a feature in its self-described ‘overarching banner’.

    The acronym stands for New Zealand Media and Entertainment. Not surprisingly, these razzle dazzle members are often potted for inaccurate news reporting when spinning unpleasant news to fit their entertainment mandate. The ...
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  • Police stranglehold on justice

    Police stranglehold on justice

    Seven years ago, a drunk driver ploughed into a car containing sisters Sania and Danielle King. Seven-year-old Sania was killed; Danielle, 9, survived.It is hardly surprising that the girls' grieving parents, Neville and Veena King, have been protective of Danielle ever since. So when she came home this year with injuries allegedly sustained at the hands of police, it cut deep. The Hamilton family claim Danielle, now 16, was "thrown around like a rag doll" by officers trying to break up an o...
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