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  • Government more corrupt under National

    Government more corrupt under National

    Dealings with Saudi sheep farmers, Hollywood, and Judith Collins' relationship with Chinese company Oravida are likely to have played a part in making the country look more corrupt, with New Zealand dropping down anti-corruption scales. That's what an ethics professor's saying after Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index for 2016 ranked New Zealand as the fourth least corrupt country in the world - our worst ranking since 1998. Associate Professor Tim Dare said it's because th...
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  • Suspect Practices at New Zealand Supreme Court Raise Concerns

    Suspect Practices at New Zealand Supreme Court Raise Concerns

    Inaccurate and incomplete public recordkeeping at the New Zealand Supreme Court is going unchallenged and unreported according to a new report on kiwisfirst.

    Most Kiwis are unaware the New Zealand Supreme Court does not record some judgments and does not allow public access to filings and submissions in appeals where the Court dismisses the applications. Of the “official” 199 applications determined last year, the Supreme Court allowed 22 to be determined on merits or question...
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  • Transparency International under fire

    Transparency International under fire

    The leadership of the New Zealand chapter of Transparency International is under fire after executive director and Wellingtonian of the year Suzanne Snively was accused of promoting a fraudulent company. Ms Snively this week survived an ethics investigation for running a non-existent company trading on the Transparency name to promote her personal consultancy services. The undated and unauthored ruling emailed by Transparency NZ director Murray Sheard to Transparency HQ in Berlin determined Ms S...
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  • Urgent action needed to protect NZ's integrity

    Urgent action needed to protect NZ's integrity

    Muddied political party funding, the dominance of Cabinet and a weakening public service have been criticised in a major new report by Transparency International. The Government's failure to ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption was also slammed in the Integrity 2013 report released this week. The report said serious and urgent action is needed to protect and extend integrity in New Zealand. It calls for Parliament's administration to be subject to the Official Information Act, and fo...
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  • 100% pure propaganda

    100% pure propaganda

    Some forms of propaganda are more obvious than others. At the height of New Zealand's 'clean green' image campaign 14 years ago, tourists were astonished to see cars billowing thick exhaust, people burning rubbish in their yards and waterways clogged with animal waste. It was not only the old cars shipped to New Zealand because they no longer met emission standards in Japan, it was also the statistic that New Zealanders led the world in per capita boat and car ownership. The...
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  • NZ tops transparency poll again

    NZ tops transparency poll again

    New Zealand's reputation for clean government continues to sparkle, as the country again comes out best in Transparency International's global corruption perceptions index. It is the seventh year in a row that New Zealand, either on its own or tied with Nordic countries or Singapore, has topped the index for having the lowest perceived levels of public sector corruption. In the 2012 report, released today, New Zealand is first-equal with Denmark and Finland. The winners were ...
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  • Small is best in Forbes rankings

    Small is best in Forbes rankings

    New Zealand ranked first on Forbes annual list of the Best Countries for Business released last week. The article noted that while New Zealand is the smallest economy in their top 10 at $162 billion, it ranked first in four of the 11 metrics examined, including personal freedom and investor protection, as well as a lack of red tape and corruption.

    Overall, 141 nations were graded on 11 different factors: property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom...
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  • New Zealand a critical link in the 'supply chain' for corruption

    Irish private investigators have been in New Zealand chasing €455 million (NZ$700 million) that Ireland's once-richest man is reputed to have hidden in the South Pacific. Irish courts have found tycoon Sean Quinn, his son Sean Junior and nephew Peter conspired to put €455 million out of reach, rather than repay the now nationalised Anglo Irish Bank. The bank had to be propped up in when the Irish economy collapsed in 2008. Quinn owed €2.8 billion on property investments but got a large c...
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