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  • "Stasi" Law Society exposed

    "Stasi" Law Society exposed

    Omens of threat to an ordered society, perceived or real, can provoke the most sensible citizens to willingly forfeit their freedoms. After 9-11, Americans paradoxically clamoured for new laws which limited their right to assembly and freedom from search and surveillance. To those who protested, the suspicion mounted over what they had to hide. Few things give more power to an autocracy than a war against a vague threat, and the gullibility of the masses escapes notice of few prone to a...
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  • UN critical over Maori jail numbers

    UN critical over Maori jail numbers

    A United Nations delegation visiting New Zealand prisons is warning that the high number of Maori in prison is a breach of international law.More than half of New Zealand's prison population is Maori, although they make up just 15 percent of the population.

    The delegation, which reports to the United Nations Human Rights Council, says any bias against Maori leading to their incarceration more than other New Zealanders constitutes arbitrary detention and is illegal under international
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  • Police have to return material to Dotcom

    Police have to return material to Dotcom

    Kim Dotcom has secured another victory as he fights extradition to the United States.In a decision released today, Justice Winkelmann says police need to return items they seized in the raid on the internet tycoon's Coatesville mansion.

    Anything ruled irrelevant to the internet piracy case has to be returned to Megaupload founder Dotcom and police have to contact their counterparts in the United States and ask that they delete any irrelevant information. ...
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  • Judges defend justice system

    Judges defend justice system

    In the wake of public criticism over recent poor court judgments, two of the country's top judges have fronted for their judicial colleagues to inform the public just how accountable they are. In a rare interview, with the New Zealand Herald , High Court chief judge Helen Winkelmann and District Court chief judge Jan-Marie Doogue told the newspaper about the effects personal comments had on judges. The article provided many quotes designed to instil public confidence and keep any ne...
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  • Wellington District Court swamped with backlog of cases

    Wellington District Court swamped with backlog of cases

    The Wellington District Court court has advised Crown and defence counsel that the court system is being swamped with a backlog of cases and a stakeholders meeting will be held at the court on the 27th of July 2012, seeking input from those concerned. There are currently 261 trials outstanding and a number of pre-trial conferences to be held. Fixtures are jammed full until the end of the year, with about 30 cases to be called on 31 August for allocation of trial dates in 2013 At stake, is the ...
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  • Stricter sanctions on judges sought after Christie Marceau tragedy

    Stricter sanctions on judges sought after Christie Marceau tragedy

    Akshay Chand allegedly murdered 18 year-old Christie Marceau , who died in her mother's arms, in her Auckland home last November. He willl stand trial in October. At the time Chand was on bail on charges of kidnapping and assaulting her two months earlier. He had been released by Judge David McNaughton to a property within 1km of the Marceau home, despite opposition from police. David McNaughton is also the same Judge who refused bail for Kim DotCom which put him behind bars, principally...
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