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  • Trust lawyer struck off over missing $10,000

    Trust lawyer struck off over missing $10,000

    An Auckland lawyer has been struck off the roll after taking $10,000 from a family trust.

    Mary Frances Hackshaw was struck off on Friday after being found guilty of misconduct in relation to how she managed the trust for the children of a deceased man.

    The New Zealand Law Society's national prosecutions manager Mark Treleaven said Hackshaw was required to hold $10,000 in trust, with annual interest being paid to the deceased man's son."The funds ultimately...
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  • Anthony Banbrook 'going bankrupt'

    Anthony Banbrook 'going bankrupt'

    A director of failed finance firm National Finance says he has not been able to pay reparations of $75,000 because he has suffered losses five times those of any investor and is "going bankrupt".

    Anthony Banbrook was sentenced in March last year to eight and a half months' home detention and ordered to pay reparations of $75,000 for making an untrue statement in a 2005 prospectus.He has not yet paid the reparations, which were due a month after he was sentenced. ...
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  • Judge backs blogger's fight against fraud

    Judge backs blogger's fight against fraud

    A fraudster's victim who fought back has won a landmark battle to name and shame the man who scammed him and dozens of others.

    Nearly two and a half years ago, Steve Taylor contracted Grant Norman King to build a sleepout for his elderly father behind the family home in West Auckland.
    Taylor paid three-quarters of the price - $23,500 - as a deposit. The sleepout was never built and the money was not returned.

    In a bid to get even, Taylor...
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  • Pilot impersonator's appeal dismissed

    Pilot impersonator's appeal dismissed

    A repeat pilot impersonator sentenced to 300 hours' community work for flying a plane without a license has had an appeal against his sentence dismissed.

    Brian Hunter, 54, appeared in the Napier District Court last month where he pleaded guilty to one charge of operating an aircraft without the required documentation.
    The court heard Hunter had expressed an interest in purchasing a plane from a seller in Mahia in September 2012 before travelling to meet him and taking...
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