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  1. Poll: Queenstown Judge Kevin Phillips Charges $10,000 for Underage Sex

    Ok- I know what you thinking- this must be a slanderous headline?

    Well no- technically this is exactly what has happened , and is merely a sign of the times in New Zealand's justice system
  2. Allegations that Queenstown judge Kevin Phillips has been involved in theft

    The following thread has been copied from Facebook.
    Queenstown local Gavin Hillary alleges that Queenstown judge Kevin Phillips has been using what can only really be described as 'mafia tactics' to...
  3. Poll: Judge Kevin Phillips allows 18+ counts of perjury in Queenstown District Court

    Firstly- is the accusation of perjury subjective?
    No it is not. Well at least not to anyone who still has their eyesight.
    Video evidence was provided in the case below (although limited video...
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