IMPORTANT NOTE* this is a work in progress about the false arrest, wrongful conviction and wrongful imprisonment of the author Henry Alfred Goolsbee.

  • [*=left]This irresponsible reporting is not based in factual reality. The truth is that Goolsbee was not allowed to call witnesses, and therefore was not allowed to produce 1,000's of documents that prove his innocence, was therefore not able to testify, and a judge forced his lawyer to RESIGN only days before the trial (which should never have occurred in the first place). All based on the seeds of lies, calumny, defamation, slander and perjury, planted by New Zealand Police Detective Fiona HUTCHING.

  • [*=left]When Part Two and Three (of a series of books) were nearing completion the New Zealand police decided he should be punished for writing these books; hence the Police INVENTED a LIE and IMAGINED that a crime had occurred; thus making Goolsbee the target of a modern-day WITCH-HUNT.

  • [*=left]The Police even went so far as to convince Goolsbee's partner that he was attempting to defraud her of her investment... but nothing could be further from the truth!

  • [*=left]What actually occurred is that ALL of Goolsbee's computers and hard drives, several boxes of research papers and ALL of his I.D. were seized illegally by the police and withheld for over 4 months; thereby preventing him from publishing the books on time as scheduled! How could he have completed the publications on time if the police were holding all of the data and equipment needed to complete the publications? A set of works that had been in progress for several years.

  • [*=left]The INQUISITION is alive and well in New Zealand.

  • [*=left]Whilst wrongfully imprisoned, he lead a successful Civil Rights and Human Rights campaign (under the auspices of the ICCPR - United Nations) and triggered numerous ongoing investigations into New Zealand Government corruption at the highest levels.

  • [*=left]Alfred Goolsbee has been an environmental activist and peace-loving, civil rights activist and human rights activist for over 45 years...

The pages of this blog and related websites will be updated regularly on a day-to-day basis.

Photo of Mr. Henry Alfred Goolsbee circa 2008. Henry Alfred Goolsbee refutes the ongoing character assignation campaign and files charges against numerous high ranking New Zealand Ministerial officials and their agents who, are engaged in criminal activities including but not limited to “…prevention, obstruction and perversion of the the course of justice” (an imprisonable offense under New Zealand Criminal Act Sect. 116 ).


Whist wrongfully imprisoned Mr Goolsbee persevered in his campaign to expose corruption in the New Zealand Government and did so at various levels starting with-
  • [*=left]the arresting officer Detective Fiona Hutchins (who committed perjury when she filed a deceitful warrant application),

  • [*=left]two judges- Judge Tony Zhorab and Judge Michael Behrens (who worked in collusion with Crown Law to deceive the courts and general public on numerous documented occasions, yet refused to produce court transcripts knowing that they would be exposed, held accountable and prosecuted),

  • [*=left]members of the New Zealand Parole Board (who have committed perjury; and were and continue to be engaged in the “perversion, obstruction and prevention of the course of justice”),

  • [*=left]New Zealand Immigration who committed perjury whilst interviewing and illegally deporting Mr. Goolsbee to prevent him from presenting evidence in the High Courts of New Zealand)

  • [*=left]numerous other officials acting at Ministerial levels and other agents in the New Zealand Government, who all participated in the COVERUP of Mr. Goolsbee’s false arrest, wrongful conviction and wrongful imprisonment.

  • [*=left]countless violations of religious freedom and discrimination regarding cultural / ethnic dignity and the right to worship according to one’s own faith within the NZ Dept of Corrections.

Alfred Goolsbee (3rd from viewer’s left / suit and tie) together with the Admiralty and High Command of US Military Forces in Naha, Okinawa, JAPAN (where he developed the technology) at the Seaman’s Club. Mr Goolsbee was introducing his earth-saving technology to the gentlemen, which was discovered and first developed in Japan.

Mr Goolsbee’s wife and children were also sorely damaged and suffered numerous Civil Rights and Human Rights violations that resulted in grievous mental, emotional and physical damage (details to follow).
Involvement of the Governor General of New Zealand – Lt Gen Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae (Personal representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand in New Zealand).

When Goolsbee was supposed to be appearing in court to give evidence against corrupt officials he was “kidnapped” by prison guards (and put in one instance even put on an airplane and) moved illegally within the national prison system to prevent his appearances on more than five occasions and was subsequently “illegally deported” to prevent him from cooperating with an investigation to be carried out by the Governor General, Lt Gen Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae (The Personal Representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand) with the assistance of Mr. Jeremy Bioletti Esq. (details to follow).

“No doubt, that if Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England and New Zealand knew of the atrocities that are being committed in her good name (and that are in turn besmirching her family’s good name), both she and her family members would be appalled!”

Forced to stand trial without a lawyer in the KANGAROO COURTS of New

Prior to the wrongful imprisonment, upon his arrest Mr Goolsbee was held incommunicado and later forced to stand trial without legal counsel. He was not allowed to call witnesses. He was barred from producing thousands of documents that prove his innocence. He was therefore unable to testify and was then refused the right to an appeal! And thereafter also blocked from presenting evidence of the ongoing abuse of his person whilst wrongfully imprisoned for 2 years and three months. He was classified as a minimum risk prisoner (lowest possible class) and yet spent much of his time in high security units with murderers, inmates that had committed armed robbery, rape, child molesters and pedophiles; all because prison managers repeatedly falsified his security ratings.

He was not allowed to make phone calls to his legal representative and the US Embassy at critical times during his attempts at conducting an appeal. He was denied his right to a fair and unbiased trial. Of supreme importance it is important to note that no crime had ever been committed. The only crime that existed was in the IMAGINATION of the arresting officer who never even spoke to the accuser prior to Mr Goolsbee’s arrest. That arresting officer and her colleagues also coached he claimant on how to falsify her statements and testimony in order to deceive the court. All of which is evidenced in the documentation of the court proceedings (but the Judges refuse to release critical transcripts of the proceedings.

Photo of Mr. H. Alfred Goolsbee-with Mr. Arnold Avers holding a Reversible Hydrogen Fuel Cell at the 15th World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Yokohama, Japan. (WHEC15)


The Office of Human Rights Proceedings has assisted Mr Goolsbee in laying charges against the culprits.
Two judges have likewise assisted Mr Goolsbee in bring several cases before the HIGH COURTS of New Zealand against the various guilty parties who, continue to “conspire to pervert, obstruct and prevent the course of justice.”
The Office of the Ambassador of the United States along with Mr. Ben Langford (Head of Security) as well as the US Consulate. The US Consulate advised Mr Goolsbee that they would be bringing charges against the New Zealand authorities relating to the abuse of a US citizen.
New Zealand Department of Corrections Desperate Attempt to Cover-up Corruption with Illegal activities

In a desperate attempt to coverup their corrupt and illegal activities, the New Zealand Department of Corrections under the management of Christchurch Men’s Prison Manager (and others complicit), on more than one occasion, moved Mr Goolsbee illegally within the prison systems in order to disrupt meetings between Mr Goolsbee and the US Consulate at a time when the US consulate came to visit Mr Goolsbee to investigate the abuses waged against Mr Goolsbee whilst wrongfully imprisoned.

Some (not all) prison authorities, in particular Unit Manager (Ms.) Dale MacDonald (sister to Judge MacDonald) acting as Manager at Tirohanga Paperoa Unit, likewise refused to allow Mr Goolsbee to call the US Consulate (who had specifically asked Goolsbee to call if when they moved him from unit to unit). MacDonald also refused in the same breath to allow Goolsbee to call his lawyer at a critical time leading up to the Appeal Process (as did several others named later in this text).
When Goolsbee attempted to bring this illegal activity to the attention of the Office of the Ombudsman (under Dame Beverly Wakeham)-

Dame Beverley Wakem (Chief Ombudsman) and Lt Gen Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae (Governor General) Mateparae (New Zealand)

Dame Beverley Wakem (Chief Ombudsman)
He was told that he had to submit the appropriate prison complaint forms to the very people he was complaining about...!!

Goolsbee then, under direction of the Office of the Ombudsman (and under Dame Beverly Wickham) followed the prescribed procedure.


Upon submission of the complaint forms, the Unit Manager Ms. Dale MacDonald, in collusion with her Supervisor, Mr Graham Hunter, after considerable verbal abuse leveled at Goolsbee and physically threatening behavior directed at Goolsbee, destroyed the forms (required by the Ombudsman) in Mr Goolsbee’s presence, refusing to allow the forms to be processed.

This abusive behavior continued over a period of two years, whilst the Office of the Ombudsman blatantly ignored the fact that Goolsbee had been assaulted and had suffered a concussion as well as a a near-death experience. Thereafter some, not all, agents within the Office of the Ombudsman proceeded to participate in, and eventually took a leading roll in, The Coverup; hence the problem escalated to a situation in which, prison guards physically assaulting Goolsbee on several occasions because a particular agent of the the Ombudsman had lead the Offending Prison Guards to believe that they could proceed with impunity to abuse Mr. Goolsbee.

Goolsbee however, undeterred, persisted in his requests to call a lawyer and the US Consulate and the US Embassy. Goolsbee then filed handwritten complaints regarding the individuals within the office of the ombudsman who, were complicit in the ongoing blatant activities that were resulting in the “Perversion, Obstruction and Prevention the Course of Justice [ an imprisonable criminal offense under New Zealand Criminal Code.”)

After almost two years of abuse at many levels Goolsbee requested the assistance of the Office of the Governor General and in time, received a gold-foiled, embossed name card that read, “With Compliments,” from the Office of the Governor General, Lt Gen Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae.

The Role of the Governor-General

If Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England and New Zealand knew of the atrocities that are being committed in her name, no doubt both she and her family members would be appalled!

“The Governor-General is a symbol of New Zealand’s unity and leadership, with the holder of the Office fulfilling important constitutional, ceremonial, international, and community roles.”

The Governor-General is appointed on the recommendation of the Prime Minister of New Zealand to serve as the representative of the Head of State, Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand.

Along with other contact information, the Governor General’s name card contained the direct mobile tel number of Lt Gen Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae (pictured above) along with Official Letterhead of receipts that Goolsbee’s appeal for help had been received by the Office of the Governor General (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand’s personal representative in New Zealand). The number of false convictions in New Zealand that have been overturned by the Privy Council is staggering to say the least! We will also be contacting the Privy Council and to bring their attention to yet another gross miscarriage of justice to their attention.

“If Her Majesty knew of the atrocities that are being committed in her name, no doubt both she and her family members would be appalled!” You can contact the Her Majesty and report this fiasco at this web address: Contact the Queen

When Goolsbee attempted on numerous occasions to call the Office of the Governor General in response to the receipt of the name card and informations received therewith, the prison officials refused to allow him to do so. (More details on these issues will follow with scores of pages of scanned, documented evidence of Goolsbee’s persistent efforts at exposing the extensive corruption that he both witnessed and was subjected to during the 2 year 3 month period of wrongful imprisonment.)

Goolsbee Perseveres
Goolsbee persevered, and eventually with the assistance of other members of prison staff who, were attempting to do the right thing (despite their colleague’s and their supervisors’ attempts to “Pervert, Obstruct and Prevent the Course of Justice.”) Goolsbee did finally manage to reach out to the Office of the US Ambassador and the US Consulate…

and “This is just the Tip of the IceBurg folks…”

We’re networking with all the others who have suffered similar abuse and a page our affiliated networks will soon be created. Meanwhile here’s one of thousands of people and websites that are trying to expose the corruption and act as whistleblowers …

Some Background on How It All Began


Factory Built for Feasibility Studies

Henry Alfred Goolsbee had been working for over ten years, at developing a new earth-saving sustainable soil technology that assists plants and animals to survive the extremes of climate change, such as drought and flooding, early and late frosts, as well as problems associated with soils damaged by leeching and industrial contamination.

Alfred Goolsbee and the original team who built the prototype factory as a a feasibility study. None of the individuals pictured are suspected of participating in the sabotage of the factory or the subsequent character assassination campaign that was used to attack Mr. Goolsbee.

Just Say NO to GMO !

The remedial soil amendment also addresses issues of soil health such as mineral and nutrient depletion, along with the need to reestablish the essential substrate cultures of probiotic micro-organisms that have been depleted over time due to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and general neglect.

Book Published Regarding Ancient History of Chemistry Utilized In the Process

He was (is) also writing books on the origins of the technology; more specifically, the possible earlier discovery and application of a method for production and use of trace minerals in ancient times.

The cover of Mr. Goolsbee’s book on the ancient history of the chemistry that is utilized in the manufacture of the earth-saving soil amendment. With Goolsbee’s “nome de plume” ~ William Hearth

Industrial Sabotage of Mr. Goolsbee’s Factory Situated Near Mount Gambier, Australia at Racecourse Bay (adjacent to Port Macdonnell)

Mr. Goolsbee’s first major attempt in Australia to trial the product as a soil amendment met with both, great success as well as tragedy when, the industrial scale feasibility study was subjected to what might be described as “industrial sabotage.”
After having manufactured over of 340,000 liters of concentrated liquid soil amendment (in a set of 20,000 liter tanks: seventeen units of each) late one night, many of the manifold the pipes were cut with what appears to be a hacksaw, and the mains were opened and allowed to drain-out uncontrolled, whereby over USD$10,000,000 worth of product (at retail value) was spilled into a paddock owned by Mr. Maxwell (Max) Feast (one of Mr. Goolsbee’s business partners) near Racecourse Bay, Australia. Goolsbee instructed the Company Director in charge of Operations to report the theft to the local police authority immediately. The police took photos of the catastrophe within hours.

Alfred Goolsbee’s first factory built single-handed (in cooperation with Daryl Sims (and lovely wife Chris [than you!!]) of Mount Gambier; and later his brothers Graham, Robert and Gary; as well as other family members [children thank you all!!] who helped; and others thereafter such as (Mark, etc) and many thanks to Helen Burgess for all your moral support and being one of the very first to supply us with early seed capital that launched us!!

Goolsbee’s Not-For-Profit Foundation Attacked by Thugs Greedy for Money?

This vicious attack on Mr. Goolsbee’s factory was followed by false claims, issued by a few self-serving individuals who, were attempting to exploit Mr. Goolsbee’s sense of fair-play and honor; as was evidenced by Mr. Goolsbee and Mr. John Miles of Sinclair Wilson (a major, well-respected certified accounting firm operating in the agricultural arena throughout Australia), who had just registered a not-for-profit entity designed to act as the primary beneficiary to the majority of profits soon to be realized by Mr. Goolsbee’s proprietary technology.

The motive of these unscrupulous individuals (of a minority group) that participated in what might be described as an “internal hostile takeover,” was clearly nothing more than that of “greed for money” and for “control of a company that was poised for great success in the agricultural industry.” This small, self-serving group of saboteurs, completely ignored the welfare of the majority of other investors, who all suffered damages of a financial nature as well as damage to their mental, emotional and physical (health); all as a direct result of the internal hostile takeover. Mr. Goolsbee’s family have also suffered grievous and irreparable harm as a direct result of this and other attacks by the true culprits who destroyed this public benefit enterprise.

Within days or the attack on the factory situated on Max Feast’s beachfront property at Racecourse Bay, a custom made, industrial grade, stainless steel pump, valued at over $30,000 was stolen from the industrial shed of a company director Ms. Helen Burgess, where the pump had been put away for safekeeping. Goolsbee instructed Ms. Burgess to report the theft to the local police authority immediately.
This pump, the heart of the feasibility study, was stolen from the industrial shed of Company Director Ms. Helen Burgess just days after the industrial sabotage of Mr. Goolsbee’s factory.


It is suspected that the vandals had been interrupted on the night of the attack, by another company employee who, had been sent to attach two sets of “lock and chain” to the gateway of the factory on the night previous to the morning of the discovery of the attack. Therefore it is certain that the attack occurred on a particular night, during certain hours of the night, as the factory had been viewed the day prior in preparation for a major movement of product on the following morning.

National Tree Day – one million people poised to plant native trees in Australia

Approximately 2,000 sample bottles had been filled by Mr. Goolsbee’s staff, under the supervision of Company Director Ms. Helen Burgess the week prior to the attack. These bottles were destined for insertion on a nationwide scale in Australia during the upcoming National Tree Day event in which, over (1,000,000) one million people were poised to participate in planting native trees all across the populated portions of the Australian continent. The participants included schools, boy scouts and girl scouts, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Banks, Government Bodies, etc etc.

The brochure designed under the direction of Alfred Goolsbee in preparation for National Tree Day in Australia.

(to be continued…) for more detailed information see:

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