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Would Justice effect Mighty share Prices?

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  • Would Justice effect Mighty share Prices?


    My last Post "Crown proceeding with money laundering" is no longer news but I was registering my concern for the Crowns Illegal activities carried out under the (anything goes) political umbrella.....

    "Crown proceeding with money laundering

    I was wondering if there are others that are concerned about the "Laundering" of the Public's Interests in their Investments in this Nations Infrastructure (both National and Regional)?

    No I am not talking about Corporations, I am referring to the Infrastructure from which the Corporations derive an income.

    The Public Invested in Infrastructure (not Business Enterprises) and up until the Business Lobby took over Government (1984) those Investments were held under the "Stewardship" (not Ownership) of Ministries- 1984 comes along and by "Hobsons Choice" the Public's Interests in the various properties were systematically concealed and transferred to become the Property of Corporations in which the "Public" have no Legal Interest.

    [The Crimes Act 1961 Section 243 Money Laundering defines that which is considered to be a Crime and Section 408 refers to this Act shall Bind upon the Crown]


    However a "Legal Challenge" can take many shapes... Perhaps this one will draw a comment ... it was copied from another forum and adjusted slightly to fit here

    .................................................. ........... "LEGAL CHALLENGE"

    "...So the legal challenge to the discussed Laundry, is rather simple and could be started easiest with Electricity (which is Property)....

    Ruff Overview
    "Hit them in the pocket".....

    Firstly a simple Representative non profit making trust could be formed into which folk (opposed to the laundering of their interests) can pay their power bill having first informed their current supplier they are changing their service provider.

    The trust could refuse to do business with the laundries (corporations) and so any/(if) Court challenge would fall upon the Corporation to initiate (defending is cheaper).

    The trust could provide linesmen to ensure such as pole-fuses were not tampered with by the corporations and this could be funded by metered contributions to the maintenance and improvements of the peoples/their (alienated? but) existing investments in the generation and supply of electricity.

    Meanwhile a funding base to defend (for/in the event of court proceedings) would be growing in the trusts bank account and So the "CROWN"s laundering of public interests can be addressed a lot easier.

    The muffled? corporate media would be compelled then to spread the word consequently- more kiwi's wanting cheaper electricity would probably join the trust....

    Because gaining access to the property you have invested in would be neither receiving goods or services the cost of electricity or should I say the cost of maintenance and improvements for our investments would be reduced considerably and there would be no need to fund a corporate type structure- (or executive bonuses)

    Effectively such a "trust" would provide for a binding legal vote - for the people and hopefully the issues of ownership of the public investments in this Nations Infrastructure will be secured once and for all- (hopefully)

    I have no problems with the Laundries/Corporations being sold but I do have a problem with the ownership of the Public Investments in Infrastructure being transferred to them without our consent and without us having an interest in them- It was and is "CRIMINAL ACTIVITY"as defined by the Crimes Act 1961
    Those interests were legal interests and were not the property of ANY group elected to serve in positions of trust- they were not Elected to Own or relinquish the Public Investments or the right to the profit a prendre

    Bit messy but sharing the basics is fun and implementation would approach Justice- aye

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    Does this sound a bit like the public's investments in Rail?

    "A" Sells "B"s Property to "C" for......... $1
    "C" sells off parts of that property for $2
    "A" buys back stripped property that was not maintained for $3 (which "B" pays for) but "B" now has no interest in that property yet has to pay for the upgrades/repairs
    "C" only has it for how long it took to strip makes $4 and ....................................walks
    "B" Pays for it twice- buy now... plus now has to fix it all up .

    How could nzrailways be called unprofitable when "C"
    Took home the harvest from generations of silly "B"s investments and silly "B" is still paying?

    Private wealth born on the backs of the general population.

    Can you refute the principles of maths applied? is it too complicated in its simplicity?