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  • Clean Slate Scheme

    I have heard it is possible to reduce the time needed to wait for the clean slate scheme to take effect. However I don't know how reliable that information is, so I went digging, not being up on legal jargon myself, I found this information: (lookign at section 3)

    can that apply to any crime not just ones that are no longer illegal such as stated in section 1?

    I have good documentation to prove the negative consequences of this conviction will far outweigh any safety concerns etc. Anyways I would like to know if its worth buying lawyer time to look into this or not.

    On a second question, 13 years ago I used the diversion scheme for a minor crime, I was told that I did not need to reveal this to anyone. However, I have been asked by the CAA not only if I have ever used this scheme but to also provide full details of what the crime was etc etc, everything I have read states this is illegal to ask the individual, however CAA seem to be above this law. So my question is, is it possible for them to even see if diversion was used, ie why wouldn't the individual just say no I haven't used it, unless they have access to see these records themselves? and if they can, then how much detail can they see? I have no intentions of being dishonest with them, however I have to make myself look good and I also feel like I should be protected by law the same as everyone else in entitled to.

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    I'll forward a link to this post to a lawyer who may have a legal opinion for you, otherwise my advice would be "avoid breaking the law by answering questions the CAA is not entitled to ask." Good luck


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      Thanks for that! Will be interested to hear the response.

      Yes agree with you on that comment.