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Press Release - IPCA

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Press Release – For immediate Release
New Zealand Police Corruption
24 August 2013

The NZ Police Corruption Association (NZPCA) is calling for greater transparency from the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA). Authority chair Judge Sir David J Caruthers promised more public accountability when he took over the role.

Despite this bold promise the IPCA continue to operate under a veil of stealth and secrecy, the only purpose of which is to protect police. Despite the “Independent” in the Authority’s name the separation between gamekeeper and poacher is nonexistent.

NZPCA is specifically calling for the resignation of long time Authority member Allan Galbraith, whom we believe is one of the major impediments to bringing about Judge Caruthers’ promised transparency. Or was that just more spin doctoring from the IPCA?

Galbraith, during the latter part of his 37 year police career conducted or oversaw a number of investigations stemming from public complaints against his brother police officers. Inevitably and often in complete defiance of the evidence Galbraith would side with his colleagues. Often in such cases it comes down to the word of the complainant against that of the police officer. In these instances Galbraith would not only side with police but often attempt to discredit the complainant when there was no justification for so doing.

Galbraith is well known for his pro police stance and this alone should make him unsuitable for the role he now holds, where he is anything but independent.

Therefore NZPCA calls for Allan Galbraith to immediately tender his resignation and cease any involvement or influence with the IPCA.

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  1. Yoda's Avatar
    Allan Galbraith should go. Try to find someone more reputable for the replacement.
  2. 1victim's Avatar
    Not only do I support this call for Galbraith's resignation, but further call for the removal in it's entirety of the "Independent" police Coverup Authority. As we know, it is simply 100% corrupt.

    I nominate, as it's replacement, the New Zealand Police Corruption Association. I also support Government funding for this new and Independent Association.

  3. beefhooked's Avatar
    Sadly its been this way for the last 20 years, nothing has changed apart from the inclusion of title "Independent"