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Lawyers who you can trust

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I will in the near future likely to be requiring the services of an honest lawyer, one who would not be fazed in any way by the prosecuting of one or maybe two NZ lawyers who were involved with a fraudulent company that scammed many investors from Australia, Europe and Canada.

The evidence we have is overwhelming, however I realise I am going to be taking a big chance finding one and I am well aware anybody can read this blog and I understand from many years working for a NZ Government agency that progress and justice is more about "who you know and not what you know" to coin a phrase. It is a random process for normal Joe Blogs to receive fair, just and lawful decisions by NZ and many other governments. Many people that work in the judicial systems and government agencies are honest and decent lawful people but more bad apples are hard at work making lives a misery than ever before. There are to many reasons to mention but money and power seems to top the list as to why people turn into vindictive bullies and criminals and just like the randomness of what you don't plan in life you could end up being the target of one or many of them.

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  1. John "Brockovich"'s Avatar
    While you will have a problem to find such a Lawyer, your biggest problem will be the Judges. If you cannot convince the SFO or the Police to take the case it will have no public profile - without public profile a prosecution will be blocked in every possible way to protect those alleged criminal Lawyers and thus Law Society and its Members in general.

    You should consider a private criminal prosecution. While you will never win (because of the protection given by the Judges) it will cost very little and the pure enjoyment of seeing Judges falsify their decisions and not apply the rule of law makes it worth a $M.
  2. 1victim's Avatar
    The sadist thing about your comment, John, is that you are 100% correct.
  3. SKL's Avatar
    Thanks for that John. I am currently looking at a Australian government prosecutor. The names of these two dishonest lawyers are........wouldn't you know it.....John Robin Holmes and from what 1victim has written it is obviously no surprise. The other lawyer Mike Kitto. Has anyone had any dealings with this one?
  4. flimflam's Avatar
    Its really good to hear such an informed accurate response from John. Also as a government employee you will need to take care. You may come in for some special attention from the Ird, Acc, Child support - you know how it works.
  5. Corrigenda's Avatar
    Good luck as you will be up against the "old boy network".