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  • Former Minister for Courts charged with causing injury

    Former policeman and National MP Chester Borrows, has been charged by police after claims he injured a protester with his car earlier this year. Mr Borrows, MP for Whanganui, and Deputy Speaker in Parliament, was driving through the town with Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett when they were confronted by TPP protesters.

    Video has emerged of Mr Borrows' car moving towards the protesters, slowing to a crawl, then speeding up again while a police officer encourages the protesters to back off. A woman yells "ow" as the car drives away, and another of the protesters yells, "Someone get that on camera?"

    Protestor and victim Tracy Treadwell says she is feeling vulnerable and shaken by the incident.
    "I was very very lucky the injuries werenít more severe. I mean you can imagine the horror when I was taking off my shoe, I was horrified at what I was about to find. ows at no point stopped his vehicle and insists there was no intention to form a blockade.

    Mr Borrows has confirmed he was behind the wheel, but says he only moved forward once the protesters had been moved out of the way and wasn't aware of anyone getting hurt. Mr Borrows also said he had; " only become aware of the incident hours afterwards, prompting him to call police to check on the womanís health.No I didnít, didnít know anything, saw the Facebook post when we were at another appointment later in the day."

    "Iím pleased she hasnít got any broken bones. The police told me she has been x-rayed and she hasnít got any broken bones, so Iím very pleased about that."Ms Bennett said today she was not aware of anyone getting hurt eithera"

    Police have said one protester received a leg injury after being hit by a car and a charge sheet filed on 12 July 2016 now confirms a 59-year-old man named Kerry James Borrows, Mr Borrows birth name - has been charged with operating a vehicle carelessly, causing injury to Tracey Treadwell and Denise Lockett."

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    1. 1victim's Avatar
      1victim -
      Kerry James "Chester" Borrows is a lay preacher in the Presbyterian Church.

      Perhaps he heard voices ? .......
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