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  • Anthony Banbrook 'going bankrupt'

    A director of failed finance firm National Finance says he has not been able to pay reparations of $75,000 because he has suffered losses five times those of any investor and is "going bankrupt".

    Anthony Banbrook was sentenced in March last year to eight and a half months' home detention and ordered to pay reparations of $75,000 for making an untrue statement in a 2005 prospectus.He has not yet paid the reparations, which were due a month after he was sentenced.

    National Finance went into receivership in May 2006 owing $24.8 million to more than 2000 investors.The Crown sought in the High Court in Wellington today that Banbrook be made to pay the money by 5pm on Monday or a warrant for his arrest be issued.

    Justice David Collins said Banbrook could face up to two years' jail for failing to pay the reparation orders. Banbrook, who represented himself, said he had been told he could pay the reparations in quarterly $3750 instalments, and he had already made one payment.

    He said he had lost more than $1m in the National Finance fallout, five times that of any investor, and his bills continued to rise."I'm basically going bankrupt."

    He said the reparation order was 10 times what it should have been. It was "grotesque" and a "nonsense". "Even a man in the street would see that," he said. The Crown said there had been no explanation on why it had not been paid, and that Banbrook had assets of $700,000.

    His arguments in court were evidence of a lack of remorse, especially in making comments about the extent of his losses, when he was an offender.
    The Crown sought that the reparations be paid by 5pm on Monday or a warrant for Banbrook's arrest be issued.

    Justice Collins reserved his decision but hoped to make it available today or by Monday at the latest.
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    1. flimflam's Avatar
      flimflam -
      To round up the gangs would impact on the economy. To jail them, think of the cost. What of their rights? How stupid, not to get down on them. No far better to let the Family Court repell fathers - makes more sense in building a better society. Hello.
    1. 1victim's Avatar
      1victim -
      And although this poor barrister has his name listed as the owner of five Auckland properties, his million dollar Hauraki home in Waitemata Rd. Hauraki, has somehow found it's way solely into his wife's name ! (Phyllis Margaret Banbrook)

      It is clear from his heart-felt statements he is truly remorseful for fleecing $25 million from his 2026 victims.

      Read our truth about this mangy sack of sh!t elsewhere on this Justice Forum.

      Perjury - Forgery - False Accounting are his forte'.

    1. flimflam's Avatar
      flimflam -
      It makes you wonder if scumb like this have ever had a good playground beating at school. I doubt it. It's a pity because it's long over due. I hope everyone of his 2026 victims gives him a good smack in the eye, on the nose or on the chin. He deserves nothing less.

      He will end up with a little home detention, opportunities for walks (due to his health) kind of like that other well known thief "Sir Doug" and his other Minister of justice buddy Bill the Bandit Jefferies". As for good old Judith Collins - well what can you say other than "a fish does go rotten from the head first".
    1. flimflam's Avatar
      flimflam -
      Yoda asks about reforming the legal profession in NZ. This is the reformed version. The Law Society Complaints Comittie used to assess their members when complaints were made.

      Reforms came in August 2008 The Standards Comittie was borne. This was done to clean up the good old self governing club and restore public confidence in that fine profession of law.

      So this is reformed and is now the new look, go faster stripe more credible, honest version.
    1. 1victim's Avatar
      1victim -
      Banbrook has been "suspended" for seven months due to this conviction.
      This will not be enforced - just as his eight and a half months home detention was not - nor the wearing of an ankle bracelet .....

      It's not what you know but who you know !
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