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  • Transparency International under fire

    The leadership of the New Zealand chapter of Transparency International is under fire after executive director and Wellingtonian of the year Suzanne Snively was accused of promoting a fraudulent company.

    Ms Snively this week survived an ethics investigation for running a non-existent company trading on the Transparency name to promote her personal consultancy services. The undated and unauthored ruling emailed by Transparency NZ director Murray Sheard to Transparency HQ in Berlin determined Ms Snively was not guilty of any ethics breach or conflict of interest, stating generally "Many members of TINZ undertake income generating consulting activity."

    Transparency HQ in Berlin forced Snively to stop promoting the fictitious company on her Linkedin profile in November of last year but refused to investigate, stating repeatedly it was a matter for the local chapter to sort out.

    Transparency International is promoted as a non-governmental organization that monitors and publicises corporate and political corruption in international development, however as at January 2013, all but a few of the chapter's 54 members were government employees or government contractors. The NZ chapter receives 90% of its funding from the New Zealand government.

    Naturally, New Zealand has consistently been ranked the least corrupt country in the world based upon methodology used by Transparency International referred to as the corruption perception index, but the index authors have lately been criticised for measuring perception and not reality. One critic of Transparency NZ, publisher Vince Siemer said " its a blatant scam, Transparency NZ is funded by the NZ Government effectively allowing these civil servants to to mark their own report cards".

    New Zealand members were unaware of the 'investigation' into Ms Snively, which Director Murray Sheard said had commenced in December and reached its finding a month ago. Mr Sheard has been inundated with requests ranging from who was on the committee and what evidence it considered to whether the judgment will be made public. Sheard has so far failed to respond other than to say the decision is final and the matter closed.

    At least a dozen members have responded with requests to terminate their membership and that their dues be refunded on grounds the organisation has misrepresented itself to members and covered up conflicts of interests by fellow directors.
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    1. 1victim's Avatar
      1victim -
      The role of Transparency International is to ensure there IS no Transparency ....

      With Criminals such as Snively in control in New Zealand, they have achieved their objective.
    1. courtwatcher's Avatar
      courtwatcher -
      We have a problem that continues to plague New Zealand and that is we are too kind to call corruption for what it is. This allows those who are corrupt a free ride.
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