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  • Barrister volunteers to take on John Banks prosecution

    A barrister has volunteered to appear on behalf of private prosecutor Graham McCready in a judicial review of John Banks' committal for trial.

    Auckland barrister Michael Lloyd has offered to represent Mr McCready at no cost, should Crown Law decide not to take over the prosecution. Mr McCready had earlier put out a public request for donations to help cover the cost of engaging a lawyer for the review.
    He said a lawyer needed to be ready to respond as soon as Banks' lawyer filed submissions.

    The ACT leader was committed for trial on a charge of knowingly filing a false election return after an oral evidence hearing in Auckland District Court last week. However, this week he announced he would be seeking a judicial review of the decision.

    Mr McCready said the move was "spurious'' and would not prevent a trial going ahead.
    The Solicitor-General is currently considering whether Crown Law will take over the prosecution.
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