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  • Crime victim told to turn detective

    Police told a man who had his wallet stolen in a bar that he would have to solve his own case if he wanted to get it back.
    The man had stopped at Ponsonby's Golden Dawn bar for 15 minutes on March 16 to farewell a friend, and had his wallet stolen from his back pocket.

    The man, 42, said he did not realise until the next morning that the wallet was missing.
    "I didn't even have a drink. I said goodbye and then buggered off. The next day I couldn't find it . . . and called the credit card company."They said, ‘You were out drinking until 2am'. They [the thieves] made eight transactions worth $398."There were some rounds that were like $13 and some that were like $90."After he told police where the stolen card was used, he was sent a letter telling him he needed to secure the bar's CCTV footage and provide it to police.

    "The credit card company said that's a ridiculous thing to do, and strongly advised me not to do that. They said it's their job and the police's job.
    "It's a bit bizarre. I'm sort of wondering how many other people have got these letters."Auckland police communications manager Senior Sergeant Hirone Waretini admitted that the letters - distributed from "the mothership" at Auckland Central station - were far from ideal.

    "Personally, I don't think that's the way it should be done. It's certainly part of our service delivery that I'm quite keen to examine."
    He was aware of at least one other similar case, but said that he hoped it was not becoming the norm.Checking CCTV footage should be a task for police, he said."We expect from our police staff that, if there's something to be followed up, then we will follow it up."Incidents such as these . . . we need to ensure it's a one-off," Mr Waretini said."Victims are at the centre of our business. Situations such as these we would not expect to be the norm and it's something we're going to have to look at seriously."
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    1. dgnzpo's Avatar
      dgnzpo -
      I have got the same problem. As with Arthur Alan Thomas and Louise Nichols, the police refuse to investigate several crimes committed by their own in and out of the Coroners Court and against my son while he was alive. In the case of the police crimes, a delegate of the Assistant Commissioner has failed or refused to get his act together since last November to convict several police officers of conspiring to pervert the course of justice in the Coroners Court. Last October 26 they conspired to pervert the course of justice to cover up their failure to protect my young, suicidal miss-managed mental health inpatient son, who was wrongly on home leave when he died.

      At that hearing, at which I had a heart attack but which a corrupt Coroner would not adjourn for medical reasons, three police officers came to grief under my cross-examination like the armies of the Pharaoh at the Red Sea. One admitted to the Coroner "glossing over the seriousness of a complaint of intent to incite fatal self harm". They also admitted submitting opinions to the coroner in their reports as facts such as the unproven view that my son committed suicide, ad which was the coroners job to determine; that the psychopath next door was "paranoid"; that I was mentally disordered, and that the reason why we made a complaint of intent of the psychopath next door to incite fatal self harm was because "we were emotional, could not accept that our son committed suicide and we just wanted to blame someone". Well what a pair of silly old farts we must be!

      Anyway, at this hearing the police fabricated evidence, provided a draft report as a final report, falsely dated a statement taken from the psychopath next door so as to aid and abet him to get away with murder, committed truckloads of perjury, stood firm in a conspiracy to pervert justice, and even invented a new crime of slandered perjury of the dead, when, to assist their cover up of failing to investigate crimes committed against my son before he died, knowingly falsely claimed that my late son accused the psychopath next door of "eating and raping babies", when he had no evidence of this outrageous accusation, and was not able to justify it before me under cross examination.

      The good news for the guy whose wallet was stolen and the police wouldn't investigate it is that I discovered yesterday that there is actually no fee for filing an indictment in the District Court which allows anyone, even bludging beneficiaries like me, to bring a private prosecution for even the most serious crimes, including crimes committed by police officers which the police don't want to and won't investigate. All you have to do is get an information sheet, and for lesser crimes under the Summary Proceedings Act, fill it out, or, for more serious crimes, cross out the word "summarily" and amend the form to say "by indictment", and, voila, you can prosecute the police for perjury yourself, and which I would recommend that Arthur Alan Thomas and others like him might like to try.

      And whom do you back, dear general public of New Zealand: poor innocent little Inspecetor Shane David Cotter, tactical response manager and second in charge of the Hutt Valley policing area, or the ever so slightly oversized, pompous, magnificent, curmudgeonly, rude and greatly admired moi?

      John Carter, of Wainuiomata, expert in the Magna Carta; Lord Count Director-General and Grand Poobah of the New Zealand Post Office, and Lord Count Director-General and Grand Poobah of almost everything within the territorial boundaries of New Zealand; also known as John the Bad, John the Fat, John the Glad with his Post Office cat; and John the Bad, the Very Very Bad, King of Hearts, King of Justice, King of Turd Mountain, a repentant sinner and a terror to the evil; sometimes King John 1 of the Benevolent South Sea Islands of New Zealand, your little king, whose wrath is as the roaring of a lion, but whose favour is as the dew upon the grass, being he with whom the government must consult before it does anything, as he has beaten them so many times in and out of court that it just isn't funny, but who, compared to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father, is nothing, a worm, and less than nothing, looking forward to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus.
    1. flimflam's Avatar
      flimflam -
      This is easy to explain " the guy who had his wallet stolen was not a cop" had he been a cop the area most likley would have been cordoned off, a house by house search conducted and if no one could be found to have committed this crime evidence may have been planted. This is what we expect of our police, oh yeah, with arrogance.
    1. teodora's Avatar
      teodora -
      right... my car was broken into & totally damaged last weekend while parked in Oriental parade, Wel - and I have to ask people around for clues, as police didn't even bother to come and investigate.
    1. Unix's Avatar
      Unix -
      Wow I never trust police I never call them for help they convict innocent I had my experience stay away with them
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