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  • Serious Fraud inquiry into Tenths' payments

    The Serious Fraud Office is investigating whether any transactions relating to the Wellington Tenths Trust were unlawful.

    A High Court judgment this month against two Wellington accountants charged with rorting the tax system flagged whether a payment from one of the trust's development partners to a company owned by lawyer Lorraine Skiffington ended up in a joint account she held with Tenths chair Sir Ngatata Love.
    Sir Ngatata has stood aside from the trust and the Port Nicholson Settlement Trust with the investigation is going on.
    He welcomed the SFO's involvement as a chance to his name, but said he could not comment until the investigation is complete.
    During the trial Ms Skiffington, who appeared as a prosecution witness, rejected accusations that her consultancy payments for work on developing the new Security Intelligence Service headquarters on Tenths Land at Pipitea St were structured to keep them secret from the Trust.
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    1. Corrigenda's Avatar
      Corrigenda -
      People involved with the Waitangi Tribunal are always twisting things. I recall when Sir Hugh Templeton was a “consultant” to NZ Maori Congress and his bill came to $10,000. He did not want his role publicised so Donna Hall added it to her bill and paid him from that.
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