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  1. The Lawyers Seemed To Get Mum and Dads Money After They Died

    What happened, the Wills were clear, there was no one contesting the Will but it looks like the money is gone? This has an all too familiar ring to it. Let me step you through one of the ways the legal fraternity get down on often trusting, honest hard working people's money after they die and potential inheritance.

    1. Mum and dad go to the lawyer to make their Wills. Beneficiaries are not permitted to be there as there may be some coercion.

    2. A clause goes into the ...
  2. Lord Denning on interpreting statutes

    In Escoigne Properties Ltd v Inland Revenue Commissioners [1958] AC 549 Lord Denning said at pp 566:
    "Thus one of the best ways, I find, of understanding a statute is to take some specific which, by common consent, are intended to be covered by it. I can say at once: "Yes, that is the sort ofthing Parliament intended to "cover". The reason is not far to seek. When the draftsman is drawing the Act, he has in mind particular instances which he wishes to cover. He frames aformula ...
  3. Company fined for failing to prevent fall from height

    Roofing company Metind Limited (formerly Metalcraft Industries Limited) was fined $43,000 today (25 May 2012) and ordered to pay reparations of $10,000 after an employee was seriously injured after falling more than three metres from a roof.
  4. Kim Dotcom, the face of Megaupload

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    The U.S. government seems to be losing ground quickly in the PR war surrounding the case against Megaupload, the massive file-sharing site, and the company’s leader, Kim Dotcom.
  5. TURD of the Week!

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    This week's nomination for "Turd" of the week is Labour list MP Shane Jones who . has been stood down while the Auditor-General investigates his role in the Bill Liu passport case. Leader David Shearer called in the Audit Office afternoon as pressure mounted on Mr Jones to explain why he granted Liu citizenship in 2008 after over-ruling the advice of immigration officials.Liu - also known as Yong
    Audit Office
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