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  1. Ministers of nz governement cowardly ignoring criminal conduct of nz judges

    Email if you wish to be provided with documents which confirm NZ Ministry members are ensuring they save themselves and their incomes by NOT challenging NZ judges who are consistently using criminal conduct (deliberate lies) to arrive at judgments against innocent members of the NZ public.

    Updated 22-07-2017 at 03:17 AM by Justice111

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  2. Right to justice. In reality its a myth

    Quote Originally Posted by silverfox View Post
    Open Letter to:
    All Members of Parliament
    Telecom Board
    To all whom it should rightfully concern.
    There are generations before whom paid the ultimate cost for the freedoms and rights bestowed on those in their futures yet to be realised, simple truths embedded in law, their courage is not honoured by disingenuous excuses, ethical side steps, or morality dismissed
    Those within the halls of parliament, or the corporate boardrooms, earn the right to our respect,