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  1. Nz justice 111 on youtube exposing ongoing corruption in nz

    Videos released by NZ JUSTICE 111 so far are:

    The NZ Law Society and what they don't want you to know (5 videos released);

    The names of who corrupt NZ and what they don't want you to know (13 videos released so far);

    Exposing Legal Nitwits (3 videos released so far).

    Despite hackers consistently attempting to take the channel down, it's still going strong and now has over 11,500 views with the channel also gaining a loyal following. ...
  2. Attorney general c finlayson denies he oversees the serious fraud office

    Section 29 of the Serious Fraud Office Act records: Responsible Minister: For the purposes of the State Sector Act 1988 the Attorney-General shall be responsible for the Serious Fraud Office.

    Good old Chris Finlayson is currently attempting to deny his responsibility as Minister to oversee the SFO by claiming the Minister of Police is responsible for overseeing the Serious Fraud Office.

    I asked C Finlayson two weeks ago (14th July) to provide me with sections within ...
  3. Ministers of nz governement cowardly ignoring criminal conduct of nz judges

    Email if you wish to be provided with documents which confirm NZ Ministry members are ensuring they save themselves and their incomes by NOT challenging NZ judges who are consistently using criminal conduct (deliberate lies) to arrive at judgments against innocent members of the NZ public.

    Updated 22-07-2017 at 03:17 AM by Justice111

    Crown Law Office , Judicial Conduct , High Court , Justice, Ministry of , Law Commission
  4. Henry Alfred Goolsbee Files Criminal Charges Against New Zealand Police Detective

    For Immediate Release 2015

    A Father of three young children resolves to file criminal charges against New Zealand Police Detective and other New Zealand Ministers and Government Ministries
    ~ Visiting Japanese/American family is made destitute by corrupt New Zealand Police Detective and corrupt Government Agents (corrupt New Zealand Judges complicit in compounding the damages)

    A 59 year old, father of three minors, Henry Alfred Goolsbee, who was wrongfully imprisoned ...
  5. Warning to International Investors: New Zealand's Railroad to Injustice

    New Zealand likes to portray itself as a modern business-friendly location for wealthy investors looking to immigrate. This portrayal is certainly a dangerous illusion which can lead to disaster if one puts all their 'eggs' in this 'one basket.'

    Writing as a long-time immigrant here, thanks to marriage to a local, I have experienced first hand the behind the scenes corruption the NZ government will dish out to anyone who has the temerity to stand up for their rights.